Beach Makeup Tricks

Makeup is a girl’s best friend. And why not? Makeup helps us to hide our flaws instantly and gives us a more polished look. We always want to put our best look forward and makeup helps us to it easily. Most of us girls wear at least minimal makeup on daily basis while going for work or study. But different occasion needs different looks. For example: our wedding party makeup isn’t going to be same as our Sunday brunch makeup. Our makeup differs based on occasions, events and festivities. Like that, we also have our own makeup tricks when we are planning for a beach holiday. So check out my post on beach makeup tricks.

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Beach Makeup Tricks

When you are planning to hit beach, your makeup should be like your outfit – less is more! A full face makeup is a big NO. Just imagine, you are going into the water with a full face makeup! Weird and impractical. Therefore, hitting the beach can be a little problematic when it comes to makeup. The sand, the surf, the soft, salty breeze- all the things that we love about beach can actually completely ruin our makeup. But does that mean you have to bare faced? No. The trick to rock your beach makeup is here. Read on to know the beach makeup tricks.

Beach Makeup


First thing first. Before applying any kind of makeup, protect your skin with sunscreen. Slather on a generous amount of sunscreen on face and other areas which will remain exposed. Let the sunscreen get soaked completely before you put on any makeup. Keep a powder sunblock with you for re-application purpose.

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Beach Makeup look

Face makeup for Beach

Start with applying a pea sized oil free primer. Primers are totally lightweight. It will make your makeup last longer without overburdening your skin.

Now apply an oil-free tinted moisturizer. Tinted moisturizers give our face a healthy, dewy look. Now take some concealer on a Q-tip and cover your blemishes.

Bronzer is a must for beach makeup. Choose a bronzer which will resemble natural tan on our face and it should not have any shimmer in it, because it won’t look good in the bright sun. Dust the bronzer on just above your cheekbones and on the apples of your cheek, a little on your forehead, chin and temples. Blend some pink powder blush on your cheeks for a natural flush. Whatever cream, gel, blush you use on face, opt for waterproof makeup products.

You don’t need to apply powder for beach makeup, but just keep it with yourself just in case you are planning to grab a seaside drink. Dam a little amount of pressed powder on tip of your nose and your tea zone to remove the sweat and excess oil.

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Eye makeup for Beach

Use a dark brown pencil to line the upper lash line. For the lower lash line, go for a gold eye liner pencil. Apply clear waterproof mascara, preferably a lengthening formula. If you want to apply eye shadow, go for bronze or gold shades.

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Lip makeup for Beach

Add some color on your lip by using a tinted lip balm. Make sure your lip balm comes with SPF to protect your lips from sun. Tinted lip balms add just the right amount of color to the lips and give us a polished look.

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Hairdo for Beach

Beach Makeup hairdo

Before hitting the beach, apply some silicon based serum on wet hair to keep them frizz free or tie your hair back with a scarf. Wear the scarf from forehead to your crown. Also you can just pull all your hair together to make a bun and call it a hair updo.

Complete your look with a wide brim straw hat and a lovely sunglass to protect yourself from the sun.

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Looking good on beach can be a little challenging. But with these simple tricks you can easily get your carefree, beach appropriate look.

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