Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves Review

[kkstarratings]Hi Girls, I noticed Basicare Exfoliating Body gloves while going through Beautykafe website so, I thought of giving these a shot. Today my post is about Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves Review. I fell in  love with these exfoliating gloves from the very first time I used these. I am on my second pair. You just have to slip your hands into Basicare Exfoliating Body gloves and can use them for dry scrubbing as well as for working up a rich, luxurious lather with soap or body wash.
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The size is so that it would fit most hands. The texture of these gloves is appropriate as it is not too harsh on skin and not very mild either. Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves are ideal for daily removal of dead skin. With regular use, the texture of my skin has grown softer and the fresh tan goes away quite easily with these. After use, my skin gets squeaky clean and oil free and much softer to touch. I also feel that the moisturizers seep in much better in clean skin. These come and a very affordable cost and are easy to carry. These have to be cleaned on daily basis with clean water and mild soap and hung to air dry after squeezing out excess water. There is a hook that allows them to be hung. After, one month of use they do get a little worn off but I think I can drag a few more days with this pair.


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Price: Rs. 145/- for a pair (I got it for Rs.116)

Direction for using: Slip your hands into Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves. Massage your entire body with the help of these gloves prior to shower to invigorate blood circulation. Add some drops of your preferred shower or bath gel on the gloves. Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves create rich lather, thereby offering you with deep cleansing on your body for a younger and healthy looking skin.  Rinse thoroughly and squeeze the excess water after each use. Hang it to air dry.

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Shelf life: Till they wear off. usually do well for over a month.

Color of Product: Cream colored

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What Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves Claims

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves claim image


Good about Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves

  • affordable.
  • Lather well with a any bodywash
  • Coarseness is apt.
  • Skin feels softer and cleaner
  • Can easily last for a month
  • Can be used for dry scrubbing.
  • Easy to carry.

Bad about Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves

  • Have to be maintained hygienically.

Availability: On all major shopping sites

Fashion and Beauty Rating :  4.5/5  ♥♥♥♥.

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  1. Looks good but pricey if they wearout in a month time.. 🙁

  2. I too have them from Body shop…but they are more pricey….:(

  3. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters

    Looks nice.. will try these before TBS ones.. 🙂
    Lovely review dear.. 🙂

  4. need to try it soon 🙂 Great review dear

  5. I have similar ones from TBS. A lot more expensive, but gives amazing scrubbing effect.

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