Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Review

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Review – Mirror is one super important tool in a woman’s kitty. Basicare Duo Compact Mirror was a part of a Basicare haul some months back from me a nearby beauty store. As I use magnifying mirror at home for my makeup especially for eyeliners, eyebrows and eye makeup, I was in dire need of one for my purse and my on the go kit. I like carrying light and my “go to” kit has all small sized make up products and this Basicare Duo Compact Mirror compliments the same. I am obsessive about makeup, you can say ‘eat, sleep and drink makeup’. Yes I have hoarded lots of makeup items in my vanity for the past 4 years of my obsession.

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Review

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Review

I have heard and read on BeautifulhameshaBlog and from many other makeup artists in store the importance of right tools that for the hygiene of a good makeup. So of late my focus has shifted to brushes, brush cleaners, pedicure, manicure tools, sponges and blenders. Basicare is one of the most renowned firms that is known for making best yet affordable makeup tools. Basicare Duo Compact Mirror is a small compact yet classy mirror that is sure to make any girl feel special and dignified. The packaging is classy and chic and fits in the purse easily. Let’s go and check my Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Review below.

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror packaging

Price of Basicare Duo Compact Mirror :


Direction for use : Not mentioned

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror Ingredients : Not mentioned

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror

Shelf life : Not mentioned

Color : Black

Smell : Nil

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror look

What Basicare Duo Compact Mirror claims

  • Basicare mirror offers Full image 2x magnification for close up views.
  • It is ideal for any purse or travel bag.
  • This can be handhold or flips open to sit on table top for hands free use.
  • The mirror is made from durable plastic and is very easy to clean up.

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror claims

My experience with Basicare Duo Compact Mirror

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror is another great quality product from Basicare. The brand deals with lots of body essential products like gloves, tweezers, grooming kits, loofahs, pedicure, manicure tools, curlers, nail cutters, bath sponges, combs, brushes etc. that form part of a girl’s everyday grooming essentials. The products are of good quality and are very much affordable. They have been designed to look classy too.

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror has a sturdy black matte finished outer layer which closes tightly. Once opened one side has the regular mirror which is square shaped which I generally use for application of lipsticks and blushes. The other end has a round mirror which is a 2x zoom mirror which shows a magnified image. It is ideal for application of eyeliners and eye makeup which requires precision application. Also sometime I use it to tweeze out the extras from my eyebrow area to give a defined look.

Basicare Duo Compact Mirror casing is firm enough that it stands on its own and can be adjusted for the right angle. It is super slim and can easily fit in any pocket too. It is around 5 cm by 5 cm in measurement and is very lightweight too. I would highly recommend all of you to pick this classy mirror for your kitties.

Overall, Basicare Duo Compact Mirror is a perfect 2x zoom mirror which is compact, classy and chic that comes in matte black casing. It is ideal for travel and is a must have for all beautiful women. It’s affordable and easily available.

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Good about Basicare Duo Compact Mirror

  • Super classy packaging
  • Compact size fits even in sleekest space
  • Classy black matte appearance
  • 2x zoom for extra clarity and neat make up application.
  • Good quality mirrors
  • Dual mirrors for normal and zoom mode
  • Easily available
  • Affordable

Bad about Basicare Duo Compact Mirror

  • Nothing at all

Availability : Easy online and in stores

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 5/5

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