Basic Nail Art Tips

Our nails are a very important part of our body and our overall look depends a lot on nails. Just like our skin and hair, nails also need to be kept healthy and beautiful. Beautiful nails reflects how well groomed we are. So the question is how to beautify our nails? With nail polish, simple! No, gone are the days of painting our nails with traditional, monochromic nail polish shades. Instead, nail art is the latest trend. Styling nails with cool designs and arts are becoming very popular these days. So let’s check out my post on basic nail art designs.
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Basic Nail Art Tips

Nail art is the latest fashion statement. We love doing different nail arts on different occasions like Independence day, Diwali, Valentines day, Christmas etc. Such nail arts are done with keeping in mind the theme of those occasions. But not only on those occasions, we can create beautiful nail arts whenever we feel like. Cute and beautiful nail arts uplift our mood and make us happy. And guess what, these nail arts can be done easily at home! Yes, you read me right. You don’t have to visit expensive parlors and dig a hole in your pocket to get your nails painted with lovely designs. In this post, we have shared a few basic nail art tips that will let you create beautiful nail art at home. So let’s check them out!

1. Healthy Nails :

The most basic step for creating beautiful nail art is to have beautiful and healthy nails. So keep your nails healthy by regularly cleaning them. Use the pointed tip of a nail filer to remove the dirt from the nail. Drink lots of water to keep your nails hydrated.

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2. Regular trimming : 

Its also very necessary to keep the nails clean, healthy and beautiful. Shape your nails properly with a filer. Round or square shape nails look good and don’t break easily, comparing to pointed nails. Once shaping is done, rub some nail cream or olive oil on the cuticles to improve blood circulation on the nail, which in turn will strengthen the nails.

3. Remove Old Nail Polish :

Now once you decide to do nail art at home, the first thing is to remove your old nail polish with a nail polish remover. Cut your nails and finally wash your hands and nails properly and let them dry completely before you start designing your nails.

4. Base Coat :

Now start with applying a base coat, which is basically a clear, transparent nail polish. Base coat not only protects your nail from damage, but also make the nail color stay longer. Wait till the base coat dries completely.

5. Apply nail polish : 

Depending on the nail art design that you have chosen, the nail polish can be of light or dark shade. Always apply 2 thin coats rather than applying one thick coat. This helps the nail polish to dry faster and prevents any smudge. Allow it to dry completely.

6. Nail Art Tools :

Now choose another nail polish (the color should go well with the first one) to create design on your nails. Use toothpicks or bobby pins to create easy and beautiful designs like little heart shapes, polka dots or different geometric designs. Use two-three nail polishes to create designs as they will make your nail art look vibrant and awesome.

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7. Tape Nail Art :

Get a few nail art tapes which are easily available online. These adhesive tapes are very thin and colorful and can easily create gorgeous nail arts. Stick those tapes vertically, horizontally or various other ways to create perfect nail art at home.

8. Last step :

Once you are done creating your choice of design, let it dry completely. Now finish off by applying a top coat, which is again a clear, transparent nail polish. Top coat will seal the design that you just created on your nail & give your nail art a beautiful glossy finish.

Hope you liked my post today. Until next one..

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