Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

Hello Beautiful Ladies 🙂 I am back with long gap 🙂 So today is my post about Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review. First lets know Natural Hair Inhibitor Means?  So Hair growth inhibitors are not miracle products that make your hair vanish overnight. Same like laser treatments, the hair follicle is treated over a period of months. With every application, the hair follicle is weakened, until it eventually stops producing hair altogether. Hair growth inhibitors. are natural, made up of plant extracts. They do not damage the skin. After some months, many users find the hair growth has stopped completely. At the very least, virtually everyone will find their hair grows back finer and thinner like baby hair, making hair removal much easier. In the main, users should expect a reduction in hair growth after using a hair inhibitor for a period of months. Hope now you understand it so lets move and check Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review.

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review

one month before I got this Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor and after using it for a month here I am ready with its whole review. Above I already explain you that what actually Hair Inhibitor do and Believe me now any one can live with unwanted hair free skin. And I know its something like dream for any girl because the way we naturally use to remove unwanted hair from our skin its a really painful or expensive sometimes but we have one product which says permanent hair removal solution for everyone and it Barever natural Hair Inhibitor. And girls please be noted its a natural means free from chemicals yuppii… so lets check its further review.

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor pack

Price of Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor : Rs.1100/- for 80 gm

Ingredients and Direction for use :

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor ingredients

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor direction for use

Smell : weird smell like chemically type

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : Pearly white

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor cap

What Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Claims

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor claims

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor swatchMy Experience with Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor 

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor comes in a black plastic bottle with a pump out dispenser. Packaging is so sturdy and totally safe to travel with it. I really like the packaging of it. The Hair Inhibitor has a nice pearly shine white color with good consistency which spreads easily on skin and it takes few seconds to absorbed fully. Cream has a really smooth texture which I really like it to apply on skin. This cream not smell like hair removal skin at all but its quiet chemically smell which I really hate about it, I know its not so overpowering but still I hate its smell.

I have been using this product since last 20 days. I used it followed by my regular wax procedure for hair removal. Though the product claims to be 100% safe to be used on any body parts including the sensitive areas like lips, eyebrows,chin, bikini line etc., but still I am hesitant to apply it on my face. I confidently used it on my arms, legs and underarms area. After every application of it, I feel it hydrates my skin very well and it also making it smooth. Thankfully, it did not seen any reaction on my skin! Its felt like using regular body lotion after putting this cream on. I can easily skip my body lotion for 5-6 days after my hair removal procedure as the product itself provides ample nourishment to the skin. Even its good for dry skin peoples.

So my hair is actually thinner and growth rate comparatively lesser compared to someone who’s never had laser hair removal. I generally wax once a month. In the instructions manual, they say to use the Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor cream twice daily for 5 days after every hair removal session. and yes i followed all instructions as per mentioned. After using Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor cream for almost 20 days now, I realize that the growth and thickness of hair has reduced as compared to before.

It gently stops the growth of hair by naturally making them weaker, thinner and finer resulting in soft, silky and smoother skin for longer period. This Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor is a good for men and women. This is something like time saver and innovative one. And main thing its totally natural means no chemicals used.

Overall Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor is a really good product to remove unwanted hair for a long period. If your thinking for hair removal laser treatment then give it a try once, It will save your money with time. And basically Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor  is natural one so need to worry about any reaction and all.

Good about Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor 

  • Good Packing
  • suits on skin
  • No burning or any irritation
  • Regular use shows good result
  • Gives good and smooth skin
  • Spreads easily
  • Moisturizes too
  • Reduces hair thickness/growth

Bad about Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor 

  • smells so weird

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.6/5 ♥♥♥♥

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