Bare Essentials Toe Separators Review

Bare Essentials Toe Separators Review – We have heard many times, “Put your best foot forward”. And Bare Essentials Toe Separators are one of those tools that help you do exactly so! I am sure many of us are hesitant when it comes to foot care and feel bad that we are not taking good care of our feet. Pedicure is a must for all women and feet must be given the same importance as face. In this post, I am going to share with you my experience about one of the tools that is often used after pedicure or during the procedure of beautifying our feet – Bare Essentials Toe Separators. I am literally quite fond of these cute toe separators.

Bare Essentials Toe Separators Review

Bare Essentials Toe Separators Review

Bare Essentials Toe Separators makes the application of nail paints easier as well as interesting! Bare essentials brand deals with many of such affordable tools that are important and significant in our day to day beautifying process that is very effective and essential.  It has a whole range of bath & body accessories to keep you in good health. Bare Essentials has premium quality Loofahs, Sisal, Sponges, Pedicure files, Specialized Scissors, Tweezers, Pumice Stones, Hair Brushes & many more to keep you fresh & looking great all day long. Below you can check out my Bare Essentials Toe Separators Review to find out more.

Bare Essentials Toe Separators shape

Price of Bare Essentials Toe Separators :

Rs.50/- for 2

Direction for use : Slide them between the toes and make application of nail polish easier. Allow the nail polish to dry before sliding them back.

Bare Essentials Toe Separators Ingredients : Not mentioned

Bare Essentials Toe Separators

Shelf life : 3 years

Color : Red

Smell : No smell

What Bare Essentials Toe Separators claims

They ensure a neat and mess free finish when applying nail polish on toe nails.

Bare Essentials Toe Separators claims

Bare Essentials Toe Separators look

My experience with Bare Essentials Toe Separators

Bare Essentials Toe Separators come in beautiful heart shaped designs and in different colors. The one I own is a bright vibrant red color which makes me pick it again and again every time I want to change my nail polish. The foam is really soft and the space between them is apt for any size of the toes to fit in.

The foam separates the toes efficiently making the process of application easier without any form of mess or trouble. Bare Essentials Toe Separators also does not hurt or irritate the toes. Once the nail paint is applied I leave the foam on for a while till my nails are completely dry. The heart shape makes me feel that I am giving ample love and attention to my feet . All in all it’s a must try and a great product to own. The price make it all the more a must have product.

As mentioned in my Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer Review after the pedicure session that I once attended, I made up a small kit to do pedicure at home during my free time. The Bare Essentials Toe Separators formed an integral part of it. Not only did it enhance the beauty of my kit with its bright vibrant heart shaped red color but it also played an important role of beautifying my nails at the end.

Overall, Bare Essentials Toe Separators are beautiful, bright colored, heart shaped toe separators which are made of soft foam which fit in the toes easily to make the process of nail polish application easier. It is easily available and affordable. It is small and sleek, which makes it a good travel friendly product.

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Good about Bare Essentials Toe Separators

  • Beautiful heart shaped separators
  • Inexpensive
  • Easily available
  • Neat travel friendly packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Fits every one
  • Makes Nail polishing easier and interesting

Bad about Bare Essentials Toe Separators

  • Absolutely nothing

Availability : Easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 5/5

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