Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review – Hello Readers, I am going to share Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review here. Before calling it a day most of us use various products to get rid of remains of makeup and pollution. To name a few would be cleansing oils, milks, washes, and lotions etc to prevent the leftover makeup from clogging up the pores. However, this step can be further upgraded if one uses tools along like cleansing brush or a makeup remove cloth or a face sponge may be. I picked one from Bare Essentials for the same purpose and here is how my Bare Essentials Face Sponge fared for me.

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review

Bare Essentials Face Sponge is a premium quality sponge meant for removal of face makeup. With its fine delicate texture for an even smooth finish, it is excellent for removing layers of makeup. this is essentially helpful in removal of foundation whether it is of cream, powder, liquid or stick consistency. Reasonably priced and easily available, this sponge is a great way to remove makeup with ease paving way to squeaky clean skin every time. Let’s move onto my Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review below.

Bare Essentials Face Sponge packaging

Price of Bare Essentials Face Sponge :

Rs.99/- only

Direction for use : Dampen sponge before use

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Ingredients :

Not known

Bare Essentials Face Sponge

Shelf life : Few months or till it wears out

Color : Pink

Smell : None

Bare Essentials Face Sponge look 1

What Bare Essentials Face Sponge claims

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review claims

Bare Essentials Face Sponge Review look 2

My experience with Bare Essentials Face Sponge

Bare Essentials Face Sponge is a pink colored oval sponge. It comes in a simple plastic pouch. The sponge feels stiff initially and its only after first few uses it can be bended as shown. It feels harsh until one holds it under running water for half a minute and then squeeze to drain out the excess water. Once wet the sponge becomes flexible and easy to use at difficult to reach areas like sides of nose etc.

When I use it to remove layers of makeup from face I start with making the sponge wet. Next I apply makeup remover lotion, massage it well and wipe it off using this wet sponge. Bare Essentials Face Sponge does remove both the remover as well as the makeup together. It acts as an alternative of washcloth which we use to wipe face. Here I would like to add that if someone does not use cleansing milk or makeup remover, even then it helps in getting rid of makeup but without proper cleansing product, this removal process might remain incomplete and harm the skin in the long run.  However I do not find it soft enough to use it around the delicate under eye area, for that nothing works better than cotton itself.

In my opinion this Bare Essentials Face Sponge is not as soft as I was expecting. Sensitive skin might find this scratchy even when it is wet. If I had to use it every day it would have definitely hurt my skin. It is better to use simple cloth or wipes for absolute removal because this does not go an extra mile in removing makeup.

Although it is essentially for face makeup removal, I was also interested to check if it helps in daily cleansing regime. Bare Essentials Face Sponge does not aid in exfoliation or give smooth skin as such. When used lightly it does nothing extra which cleansing with hands cannot do while it feels harsh if used with more pressure while using. I have to use it as I have purchased it by mistake but not recommending this one as it does not do anything commendable.

Overall, Bare Essentials Face Sponge is just an alternative to facial cloth or cotton. It does not do anything spectacular in removing makeup rather feels harsh on the skin.

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Good about Bare Essentials Face Sponge

  • Helps in removing face makeup
  • Woks equally well for all foundation types whether stick, liquid or creamy
  • Easily available
  • Affordable
  • Does not take too long to dry up

Bad about Bare Essentials Face Sponge

  • Not as soft as required for facial skin.
  • Does not do anything extraordinary which wipes or cotton cannot do
  • Not for sensitive skin, feels scratchy even when wet
  • Not suitable for the delicate eye area
  • Does not help in regular skin cleansing regime

Availability : Easy

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 2.5/5 

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  1. i generally use it to remove face masks/massage cream or scrubs and for that purpose it works great. definitely not meant for everyday use…

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