Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer Review

Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer Review – Hi Girls,Welcome to Beautifulhamesha Blog. Make up, skin care, Tools, clothes, accessories have become an important part of our lives these days. We seem to be investing more and more in them. As much as we need the makeup products we do need good tools for grooming our skins and for precise application of makeup. The base needs to be clear for the make up to project well and the tools help us in achieving those. My review today is on one of the nail tools which is important to be used to get a clear and neat nails to project a good colour of the nail polish applied there on. Today I am going to review Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer.

Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer Review

Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer Review

Bare Essentials is one of the Indian Companies that deals with Fine Beauty care products. It has a whole range of bath & body accessories to keep you in good health. Bare Essentials has premium quality Loofahs, Sisal, Sponges, Pedicure files, Specialized Scissors, Tweezers, Pumice Stones, Hair Brushes & many more to keep you fresh & looking great all day long. Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer was introduced to me when I attended a “How to do Pedicure at home” session a couple of years back. From then on it became a must have tool I my beauty tool vanity kit for my pedicures and manicures.

Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer

Price of Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer :

Rs. 70Price of Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer

How to Use Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer : Push your cuticles back gently and Position the center of the trimmer blades at one end of the cuticle. Push back excess skin & trim carefully.

Packaging of Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer : Plastic packaging with stainless steel tip.
Packaging of Bare Essentials Cuticle TrimmerFragrance: Nil

Color: Light blue

Shelf Life: 2 years

Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer

My experience with Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer

I had never used a cuticle trimmer ever myself and also whenever the tool was taken out during the pedicure sessions in the parlor I used to get into alert mode. The tool had always scared me that I might get a bad cut until I started using it myself and discovered how easy it is to use and how important it is. The Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer is a blue colored, plastic packaged trimmer. It is about the size and shape of a baby tooth brush. It has a sharp v shaped trimmer on one end. There is also a small oval shaped filer on the other end of the trimmer.

The Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer is used to remove the extra or excess cuticles present. It is highly recommended that the feet or the hands be soaked in Luke warm water after removing the nail polish. Then apply very little moisturizing lotion on the nails and then use the trimmer to remove the excess cuticles. This will make the task easy. Also the same can be used to remove the excess dead skin around the nail. One however needs to be careful not to cut the skin deep and avoid bleeding.

The Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer has sharp Stainless steel blades for a hassle free trimming. The plastic handle is quite practical and gives a good grip. One needs to push the cuticle away from the nail surface first using the v shape and then carefully position the center of the trimmer to the end of the cuticle to remove the excess skin. Though it may sound like a big task it is just a matter of careful practice and one can be good to use it perfectly. The Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer is easily available online and in most beauty stores. It is very much affordable. The file on one end is an add-on for smoothing all those rough edges of the nails. I place the trimmer in a small transparent plastic casing to maintain its shape and to protect the same from any form or wear or tear. Also this way I can prevent myself from accidentally cutting myself while trying to pick it for usage.

Overall The Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer is an inexpensive, easily available trimmer which is made of stainless steel blade and has a plastic handle to offer a good grip. It helps remove the excess cuticles easily and helps smoothen out the nail tips with the attached filer on the other end.

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Good about Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer

• Effectively removes the cuticles with the sharp v curve
• Inexpensive
• Sturdy packaging
• Easy to use
• Easily available

Bad about Bare Essentials Cuticle Trimmer
• Only 1 color option is available

Availability: Easy

Rating: 4.5/5

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