Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water Review

Hello girls! I will be sharing Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water Review in this post. The main ingredient of this papaya water is papaya oil. Apart from that, it also contains papaya extract. We all know papaya is a great natural ingredient for skin care. It removes dead skin cell, keeps our skin hydrated, helps to reduce blemishes and give us soft, supple skin. Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water promises to even tone the skin and keep it soft, supple and moisturizes. Regular use of papaya water reduces the signs of ageing and leave our skin with a flawless glow. I never used Banjara’s products before, but after reading some great product reviews from this brand on the blog, I decided to try something and fortunately came across this Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water on flipkart.

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

Toning is a very essential part of my skin care routine, I never give it a miss. And I mainly depend on rose water for toning. But of late I got really bored of using rose water and wanted to replace it. While searching for face toners on flipkart, I suddenly noticed Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water. After going through the product information, I decided to give it a try. I never used papaya water before, neither I heard about it. So I was quite excited to try out this Papaya water from Banjara. But was it able to meet my expectation? To find the answer, scroll down and start reading my Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water Review.

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water pack

Price of Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water : Rs.50/- for 60 ml

Directions for use &?Ingredients :

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water ingredients and direction for use

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : colorless

Smell : fruity

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water cap

What Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water claims

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water claims

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water swatch

My experience with Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water

Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a pretty orange colored screw cap. The bottle has a stopper at the opening and it has a hole in it for the product to come out. The cap sits nicely, and it is totally leakage proof. Nothing fancy, but a compact and sturdy packaging lets you carry it without any tension.

Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water appears light orange in the bottle, but once you pour it in the hand, it appears colorless. The consistency is water-like and its totally non sticky. The papaya water smells amazing, a lovely, refreshing fruity fragrance it has.

I have combination/dry skin. I bought this Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water during mid winter and started using it immediately. But unfortunately it did nothing for my skin then, so I had to stop using this and get back to my trustworthy rose water. But with summer is full on, I again started using the papaya water. My combination/dry skin turns combination/oily during summer and, now its just doing fine. Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water nicely hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized when used as toner. It has a calming, soothing effect on skin which I absolutely love. The papaya water is totally non sticky, non greasy and gets absorbed fast, leaving you with soft, supple, clear skin. I also use it in my face packs quite often.

Overall, Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water is a great alternative for rose water. It beautifully hydrates the skin and keep it soft and supple. A perfect product for oily, combination and normal skin, however, dry skin might not find it enough moisturizing.

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Good about Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Non sticky
  • Non greasy
  • Gets absorbed fast
  • A little amount is required per use
  • Skin feels fresh and nicely moisturized
  • Good alternative for rose water
  • Deep cleanses the pores
  • Very affordable

Bad about Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water

  • Not enough moisturizing for dry skin
  • Sensitive nose might find the smell little strong

Availability : online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5

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  1. Thank God u posted this one, I was pretty bored of rose water. Will definitely switch over this tym 🙂

  2. I have never heard of papaya water…interesting product

  3. This sounds perfect for my oily skin.

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