Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash Review

Hi all 🙂 I am back with another review today – Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash Review. It is a herbal hair pack. I usually make my own hair packs at home using a mixture of curd, aloe vera gel and any herbal powder like amla powder, hibiscus powder, fenugreek powder or curry leaves powder. But during winters, I started getting cold when I keep curd based packs on my hair for a long time. So I started looking for a ready-made hair pack and came across this Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash in a nearby supermarket. It promotes black hair and prevents scalp infection as well as controls premature greying.

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash Review

Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash has the goodness of Amla. Amla is a versatile ingredient in hair care with multiple uses. It helps in hair growth, makes hair thicker, nourishes hair and keeps it healthy and also gives darker hair naturally. It is best if you can use freshly made amla paste at home. But it can be a little time-consuming process. Read on to know whether you can get all the similiar benefits with Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash. Lets move on to my Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash Review.

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash

Price of Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash : Rs.100/- for 100 g.

Directions for use &?Ingredients :

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash ingredients and direction for use

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash pack

Shelf Life : 3 years

Color : Dark green muddish color

Smell : Mild herbal fragrance similar to amla drink

What Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash claims

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash claims

Banjara's Amla Wet n Wash swatch

My experience with Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash

Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash comes in a white-colored squeezable plastic tube with a flip-open cap. The tube format makes it more hygienic and convenient. All the details of the product are mentioned on the back side.

Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash is dark green in color, almost muddish. It has a mild herbal smell which is similar to the herbal amla drinks that we get. But the smell is not strong or bothersome, so even people with sensitive noses can use it.

Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash has a slightly thick consistency. I oil my hair first before applying this as I find it difficult to spread on dry hair. Or else you can apply it on wet hair. I mainly concentrate application on the scalp. I apply some on the lengths too. I then leave it for around 20-30 minutes. The hair pack doesn’t drip or create a mess due to its thick consistency. I then wash it off with a mild shampoo. Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash gets washed off easily. I follow up with a light conditioner as usual. I have been following this routine for around a month now. I can feel my hair is more thicker and voluminous. It is also more healthy, stronger and nourished and my hair fall has reduced. This amla hair pack has also made my hair naturally darker. Of course, you can get similar results with the homemade amla hair pack also. But on days when you are running short of time and need a quick, mess-free application process, you can go for this readymade natural hair pack – Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash.

Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash has only the key ingredient mentioned on it. But the shelf life of the product is given as 3 years which obviously indicates the presence of chemical and preservatives. So it cannot be a substitute to a natural homemade hair pack and I wouldn’t recommend regular usage. But once in a while, we all get lazy, don’t we? :p And Banjara’s Amla Wet ‘n Wash can be a handy option during those times and can give similar results.

Overall, Banjara’s Amla Wet ‘n Wash is a good, affordable herbal hair pack which is convenient and mess-free to use. It makes your hair healthy, thicker and darker. Since its in paste form and not powder, it must contain more preservatives and hence I wouldn’t suggest it for regular use. But on days, when you don’t have the time or convenience for a homemade hair pack, you can definitely give this a try.

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Good about Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash

  • Quick and mess-free application of hair pack.
  • Doesn’t drip or create a mess.
  • Gets washed off easily.
  • Makes hair thicker and voluminous.
  • Gives healthy, stronger and nourished hair.
  • Reduces hairfall and breakage.
  • Gives naturally darker hair.
  • Affordable.

Bad about Banjara’s Amla Wet n Wash

  • Only key ingredients mentioned.

Availability :online and offline

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. This really seems good hair pack 🙂 i think i will try it 🙂

  2. I have tried the Hibiscus wet and wash from Banjaras. Their hair range is really nice.

  3. Banjaras have not really good products…me too tempted to try the brand now….

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