Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Review

Hello all 🙂 Today my post is about Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Review. Hair oil is a very essential part of my hair care routine. Hair oiling has been a beauty ritual in our country sing long. Hair oil has the ability to smoothen out cuticle and this controlling frizz and detangle hair. Hair oil also penetrates the shaft and nourish them from within. With winter is in full swing, the dryness takes toll on our hair, but just few drops of oil can prove to be our savior by reviving lack-lustre hair. Therefore, it is necessary to choose hair oil wisely.

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Review

Banjara’s is a well known ayurvedic brand of India. Banjara’s products come packed with nature’s nourishing touch in it. Their products are not only sourced from fruits and flowers, but also from rare herb extracts. Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil is an amalgamation of several Ayurvedic herbs in sesame and coconut oil. Sesame and coconut oil is known for their hair nourishing properties for ages. The hair oil is also clinically tested and claims to increase hair growth up to 8 cm in just 8 weeks! Let’s take a look at my Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Review to find out how it worked for me.

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil

Price of Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil : Rs.299/- for 125 ml

Direction for use &?Ingredients :

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil ingredients

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Active Ingredients

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil direction to use

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Details

Shelf life : 2 yrs

Color : Dark Green

Smell : mild herbal smell

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil Packaging

What Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil claims

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil claims

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil works

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil swatch

My experience with Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil has transparent plastic bottle packaging with a screw open cap. The bottle comes packed in an outer cardboard box. That box has got all the product detailing printed on it. The cap fits properly, hence no leakage at all. Overall a sturdy and travel friendly packaging.

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil is a bit thick and feels little sticky. It has mild herbal fragrance which I find very soothing. The oil gets absorbed quickly by the strands if used in right quantity.

This chilly season has made my hair little frizzy and dry. So I take some oil in a small bowl and warm up a bit. Then start massaging the oil into the scalp and length. This hot oil massage feels so relaxing 🙂 Sometimes I also follow it up with hot towel treatment for deep nourishment. I usually keep this Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil for almost 2 hours and later on shampoo my hair. I do this twice a week. Post wash my hair feels soft and becomes more manageable. This oil adds shine to the tresses as well.

Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil nourishes my dry hair and takes care of the frizz and flyaways. The oil has great moisturization effect. I have been using the oil for quite sometime now and it has strengthened my hair roots and thus my hair fall got reduced too. Also my hair texture has improved and hair looks a lot more healthy and soft now. This oil has also helped in my hair growth. But I am not sure how true is the claim of 8 cm hair growth in 8 weeks. My hair has grown definitely, but its not 8 cm. Hair growth depends on various factors and not everyone’s hair grows in equal rate. But one thing for sure, Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil does aid in hair growth.

Overall, Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil is a great hair care product. It makes hair long, strong and healthy. Plus it is super affordable. A must have for sure!!

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Good about Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Makes hair healthy
  • Adds shine to hair
  • Takes care of hair fall issue
  • Keeps dandruff at bay with regular use
  • Hair becomes soft and shiny
  • Aids in hair growth

Bad about Banjara Samvridhi Hair Oil

  • 8 cm hair growth in 8 week claim is little exaggerated

Availability : online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.8/5

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  1. This seems promising Kiran. Thanks for introducing us to it 🙂 I how it’s not laced with mimeral oil (a cheap filler found in most air oils).

  2. Looks like a nice herbal oil… The ingredients list shown contains henna. Does it give some color to hair?

  3. THey have used so many great herbs! I realy want to try this oil. 🙂

  4. Surprisingly this is a great pick….thanks for bringing this to our notice 🙂

  5. nice pick yaar…

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