Avocado Oil for Skin

Hello Sweeties 🙂 Few days before somewhere I read that  Avocado Oil  is a such great oil for our skin and specially amazing for for Dry skin. So today I am sharing How good Avocado oil for our skin. of course Avocado oil comes from the avocado fruit. and guess what Avocado oil is a hidden treasure. Mainly The oil extracted from the avocado through cold pressing is extremely rich and beneficial to the skin. Avocado Oil is easily available on chemist or online but This Avocado Oil is little high pricey. From my online shopping I brought The Avocado Oil and its a from Deve Brand and its cost Rs.395/- for just 30 ml. Ya its pricey but its really good option for our skin than those chemical treated products. So lets check how Avocado Oil is a miraculous for skin.
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Avocado Oil for Skin

Skin Benefits Of Avocado oil

  • Reduces Dark Marks And Prevents Wrinkles from skin – This Avocado oil protects the skin from toxins, which knows to cause premature ageing on the skin. Direct application of oil helps in reducing age spots on the skin,
  • Helps to Hydrates And Lightens The Skin Tone – The fruit highly hydrates dry skin and helps to reduce fine lines on the skin. It also gives instant radiance to the skin. Perfect known as moisturizers for dry skin.
  • Also works as Sunscreen – It helps in protecting your skin from the UVA and UVB harmful sun rays. It is also a remedy for removing sun burns and eczema from the skin. It also known to protects the skin from future damage.
  • Its has an Antioxidants For Healthy Skin – This Avocado has a antioxidants properties, which help in protecting your skin from damage. So its really helps to improve skin tone and relieve dry skin.
  • Gives Clear Skin – It deeply penetrates into the skin to restore all important  nutrients. Blood circulation which is essential for skin so It also helps in increasing blood circulation in the skin. Avocado oil has a glutamine amino acid which cleanses skin and offers it enough protection against bad  environmental things.
  • Prevents Breakouts – Regular use of Avocado oil effectively controls breakouts in the skin.
  • Supplies fats to the skin, which keeps the skin healthy
  • It provides radiant and glowing to the skin Because It helps in maintaining water in the skin
  • Avocado oil is easily absorbent and thus penetrates deep into your skin, leaving it well-cleansed, nourished and baby-soft. This helps accelerates the new cell generation and also helps promotes circulation in the body and skin.

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil Swatch

How I use Avocado Oil for my skin or How to Use Avocado oil for skin

I apply avocado oil to the my face in the same way like I use face moisturizer. I always make sure my  fingers are very clean. also I make sure my face is washed well or cleansed well and Just spread oil easily on still damp face not totally dry face.

Avocado oil is very concentrated monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E and other antioxidants. A little goes a long way. almost 3-4 drops of oil covers my whole face.

While it is not absorbed as quickly as like moisturizers, it is usually barely noticeable in ten to fifteen minutes. Basically I have combination to dry skin so its get absorb instantly  for my skin but if you have oil skin, then this bothers you, give it a few minutes to be absorbed, then gently wipe your face with a damp washcloth.

I use it as a day moisturizer as well as nightly facial moisturizer before bed. This Avocado oil is very very light weighted oil means not like other oils which feels heavy on skin. I noticed much more difference in my skin after applying it and it works for skin from the very first day of application. These days I really enjoying my healthy skin so friends Dump all those chemicals added creams and use this Avocado oil regularly.

This Avocado oil is a really miraculous ever product for my skin. Highly Recommended to it all.

So friends if you have any suggestion regarding This avocado oil then please let me know below in the comment box.

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  1. nice review. I love oils. I am obsessed with oils. Wil purchase this next.

  2. I love oils for my skin care. I haven’t tried avocado but grapeseed oil worked beautifully for my skin. Nice review.

  3. Such an awesome product 🙂 Would love to give it a try..

  4. Even i am considering oils for skin care this winter, will review mine soon 🙂

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