Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub Review

Hello lovely ladies ๐Ÿ™‚ Time to share another review – Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub Review. A great many of us would know the basics of skin care- Cleansing, toning, moisturising, and scrubbing. Cleasning helps to drive out dirt and impurities from the innermost pores of our skin thereby leaving us with a squeaky clean appearance. Toning closes those pores which have just been cleansed so as to prevent the entry of dirt and dusst particles. Moisturising comes third and quenches the skin’s thirst for hydration. Finally, we have scrubbing which removes dead skin and leaves us with radiant skin. Be careful, it’s your own skin and not that of your sworn enemy’s. Don’t ever be harsh or abrasive. Ending up with red patches or uneven skin wouldn’t be a situation you would like to be in, right?

Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub Review

Organic/herbal products have always been the apple of my eyes and so, without a second thought, I picked up Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub (since it contained organic aloe vera). Today, I will review the same and let you know if it deserves a place in your beauty closet or simply pulls wool over our eyes under the eye-catching tag of “organic aloe vera” ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out my Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub Review below.

Price of Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub : Rs.499/- 50 g

Directions for use : Take optimum quantity of scrub and massage it all over your face in an upward circular motion for 2-3 minutes to remove dead skin cells. Rinse off with abundant clear water.

Ingredient : Aloe barbadensis miller, stevia rebaudiana, withania somnifera, acorus calamus, bacopa monnieri, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, ceto sterile alcohol, walnut shell powder, aqua, preservative.

Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub texture

Shelf life : 2 years

Color :White with minuscule light-brown particles

Smell : Mild mint-like fragrance which is surprising given mint isn’t even one of the ingredients.

Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub cap

What Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub claims


Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub swatch

My experience with Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub

Packed in a plastic tub with a sea green- colored plastic cap, Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub is sturdy and leakage-free. Despite being opened frequently, it hasn’t loosened or spilt even once. To an extent, it is inconvenient to use a scrub that comes packed in a tub because you need to careful that your hands are squeaky clean else it’ll lead to spoilage of the entire scrub in the tub and given the price one is paying, expecting a better packaging is ineluctable and justified. Overall, in terms of packaging, Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub?is below par.

The texture is neither thick nor runny. It is slightly creamy. Following the instructions, I proceeded with scrubbing Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub on my skin and for the first time, my skin tingled because of which I didn’t scrub it for long and washed off immediately. While there was no redness or patchiness, yet that tingling sensation was a little unsettling.

I asked a friend of mine to try it who has normal skin and she emerged satisfied with it. There was a mark of radiance on her face post washing. Also, her face was thoroughly cleansed with no marks of tiredness. Based on our experience with Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub, I think it is not at all purely organic (its ingredients’ list shows that it contains alcohol) which is why, it may have tingled my skin since I am not habituated to using it. Anyway, it does cleanse one’s skin, impart a subtle radiance and those tiny beads/particles in the scrub help in exfoliation.

It may not suit those with sensitive skin but can be used by those with oily and normal skin. That said, oily and normal skin shouldn’t also bombard their skin with daily/regular use of it. Be careful and economical with the quantity. Give your skin some time to heal if you are going to use it. I won’t recommend dry skin because alcohol further saps the moisture off one’s skin and dry skin any way, is devoid of moisture.

Overall, Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub is an average scrub given its ability to impart a subtle glow, cleanse skin and aid exfoliation but it is not meant for all skin types. It has alcohol which when applied on skin will harm it in the long-run. Also, dry as well as sensitive skin shouldn’t go for it since it tingles one’s skin as well as can sap moisture due to the presence of alcohol.

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Good about Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub

  • Imparts a subtle glow
  • Mild fragrance
  • Aids exfoliation
  • Cleanses skin, thereby, drives away tiredness

Bad about Avera Aloe Apricot Scrub

  • Contains alcohol
  • Unsuitable for dry as well as sensitive skin
  • Unsatisfactory packaging
  • Limited availability
  • Expensive

Availability : Online

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 2/5

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  1. What’s the point of adding alcohol in a scrub ๐Ÿ˜

  2. i am always in lookout for new scrubs…but it will dry my already dry skin

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