Asus Zenfone5 – An Easy & Most Convenient Phone to Record DIY Video

Asus Zenfone5 is now in market, An Easy & Most Convenient Phone to Record DIY Video….First of all, I must say the phone is beautifully crafted, big and sleek! The phone has great technologies which will simply make you to fall in love with this phone. Asus Zenfone5 has the following features which make it very dear to a beauty blogger like me!!

Asus Zenfone5

Asus Zenfone5 is best for its video recording feature. For me as a blogger and Youtuber, I need to capture make up tutorial videos, and for that previously I need to set the camera, set the tripod and its angle, so it took really time to shoot a good video, but now Asus Zenfone5 has made my job really easier. I can shoot video at no time, at it has made it really easier. Asus Zenfone5, made it really fast and easy, one click it’s all done. Now I just record my videos at any place and any time. I do not need to look for proper light and proper angle, the video editing also is very great. I can record it and edit it within no time and upload it in you tube. The picture quality is really amazing!! Asus Zenfone5 does really wonders… I suggest all bloggers to try Asus Zenfone5.

Asus Zenfone5

Asus Zenfone5 video quality

Asus Zenfone5 video quality review

Asus Zenfone5 video editing tool

Form me Asus Zenfone 5 has really been very convenient and easy to use. The video quality and sound quality is really amazing. Asus Zenfone 5 is really light weight and can be carried anywhere in your purse or handbag. The network speed is amazing in this phone, so anytime anywhere this phone will never let you down!! The long battery capacity is lovely. For me to record beauty videos and post it via you tube is now easier via Asus Zenfone5. It is really time saving and handy, as I do not need to wait for camera and then record, it is just one click and it’s done!! Amazing!! Even ones uploaded, it is very easy for me to do the editing. The touch screen of the phone is really wonderful and smooth. Bloggers like me can easily use this, even to post contents it is good! I must say this is a great phone for sharing and capturing beauty tips, fashion videos, beauty tutorial videos and many more. The memory capacity is a great advantage. Via this I have uploaded my strawberry instant glow face pack in you tube. It was so easy and quick. The picture quality is also quite good. Really amazing!! Guys and Girls please check this video and  Picture to realize the video and Picture quality of this phone. I will surely recommend Asus Zenfone5 to all Bloggers.

Asus Zenfone5 picture quality

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  1. piyali toshniwal

    Kooool….. osm one!

  2. Phone looks really tempting…awesum video quality 🙂

  3. Hearing lot about this phn these days, spunds good 🙂

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