Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review

Hello Readers, here I am back with Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review. Most of us start our skin regime with a facial cleanser. I chose a wine based face wash which smells like a burst of grapes and its invigorating fragrance makes me feel active and lifts up my mood too. In my morning skin regime I need an extremely gentle formulation because my skin is mostly free from impurities and makeup. Thus I picked a non foaming cleanser from Astaberry.

Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review

Astaberry Wine Face Wash is formulated with the goodness of Red grapes and glycerin like ingredients. It has added benefits of anti aging and claim to make skin firmer by retaining the moisture and improving the elasticity of the skin. Red grapes with their antioxidant properties fights the free radicals and adds new life to the skin while glycerin is helpful in making skin soft and smooth. AstaBerry products are easily available online as well as offline. Read below Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review to know how it fared me.

pack, Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review

Price of Astaberry Wine Face Wash : Rs.75/- for 100 ml ( mostly on discount on a combo pack of 2)

Direction for use and Ingredients :

direction for use and ingredients, Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review
Shelf life : only the Expiry date is mentioned

Color : Pink

Smell : Grapes

What Astaberry Wine Face Wash claims

claims, Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review

swatch, Astaberry Wine Face Wash Review
My experience with Astaberry Wine Face Wash

Astaberry Wine Face Wash comes packed in squeeze tube. The quantity contained in the tube can be easily detected as it is semi transparent. The price is reasonable for the quantity and is easily available online as well as offline. As the quantity required per use is just a dollop so one tube lasts for more than two months. Being a wine face wash it smells like grapes which is extremely invigorating to the senses.

Astaberry Wine Face Wash has a gel like consistency and is beautiful pink in color. The gel is easy to spread on the skin and washes off easily too. After wetting the skin, I take a required quantity and apply on the face and neck. After half a minute I wash it off with plain water. Although its ingredients say that it has SLES yet it does not lather at all. It is extremely gentle on skin and in one wash it makes skin clean and fresh. Thankfully it does not leave any waxy feeling behind like other moisture giving facial cleansers.

The skin feels soft and smooth post washing and Astaberry Wine Face Wash is extremely gentle to be used twice every day. This is great for winters as well as mature and dry skin. Post use there is no dryness on the skin but it does not remove waterproof makeup. In fact if it is used as a morning face wash when a mild cleanser is required it would suit any skin type. However it is not good enough for oily skin types because it does not deep cleanse the skin. Last but not the least, after sometime the products starts smelling very weird so it is better to use it up quickly and discard it in 2-3 months.

Overall Asta Berry Wine Face Wash is a non foaming, gel based facial cleanser apt for extremely normal to dry skin and mature skin. Being extremely mild it is good for morning skin regime but it does not work in removing makeup or deep cleanse skin of impurities.

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Good about Astaberry Wine Face Wash

  • Gel consistency
  • Smells like fresh grapes
  • Mild for everyday use
  • Cleans without over drying
  • Does not leave behind waxy layer
  • Good for mature and extremely dry skin
  • Reasonably priced

Bad about Astaberry Wine Face Wash

  • Does not deep cleanse or remove water proof makeup
  • Smells weird after a few months
  • Might not impress if you are fan of lathering proucts

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 3.5/5 ♥♥♥•

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  1. I have oily skin so its not for me but will recommend it to my friends!!!

  2. Never heard about this one! nIce review! 🙂

  3. I never heard about this brand 🙂 wine face wash even heard first time

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