Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review – Papaya deep cleanses our skin along with providing a beautiful natural glow. Astaberry Papaya Face Wash contains active papaya extracts that works effectively on the skin and helps to get rid of blemishes and pigmentation. Along with that, this face wash also cleanses the skin deeply and imparts a fresh, glowing look. I love using papaya on my face. Papaya is enriched with rejuvenating enzymes that eliminates dead skin cells and unveils the radiant, glowing skin. So when I got my hands on this Astaberry Papaya Face Wash, I was excited to give it a try. Astaberry’s face wash range includes a number of face washes like wine face wash, orange face wash, neem and aloe face wash, cocoa butter face wash etc.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review

Astaberry Biosciences (I) Pvt Ltd. is a venture from the house BHIMSAINI, pioneer in the Kajal Industry. Astaberry offers a wide range of skin Care Products like Face Wash, Nourishing Creams, Sunscreen lotions, Face Packs, Bleach Crème, Hair remover Crème, Under Eye Creams products and many more. All the products from this brand are enriched with the power of Ayurveda. Along with papaya extract, Astaberry Papaya Face Wash also contains carrot extract, soy protein extract, glycerin, salicylic acid, lactic acid etc. The face wash claims to provide natural skin care, it reduces pigmentation and moisturizes skin as well. Lets check out my Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Review below.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash packaging

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

Price of Astaberry Papaya Face Wash :

Rs.60/- for 60 ml

Direction for use : Apply to wet face with fingertips & palm. Massage gently to form lather. Rinse off and pat dry. Use Astaberry Papaya sunscreen creme for best results.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash direction for use

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash Ingredients :
Astaberry Papaya Face Wash ingredients

Shelf life :

Color : orange

Smell : fruity

What Astaberry Papaya Face Wash claims

Astaberry Papaya Face wash contains active papaya extract that works effectively on the skin to reduce blemishes and pigmentation. The face wash deep cleanses the skin to give you a fresh look.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash claims

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash swatch

My experience with Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash comes in a sturdy plastic tube with a flip open cap. The cap shuts tightly and the output hole beautifully controls product flow, thus there is absolutely no chance of wastage. The product information is printed on the tube itself. The face wash tube can be carried easily while travelling, thanks to its compact packaging.

The face wash is orange in color and it looks like a thick gel. One of the best thing about this face wash is its fresh papaya smell, which feels very natural. However, the smell dies down soon after washing. A pea sized quantity is required per application. It spreads easily, but doesn’t lather up much. So if you prefer foaming face washes, chances are high that you might not like this Astaberry Papaya Face Wash.

Astaberry Papaya Face Wash removes the dirt, oil and grime from the face. Skin feels fresh and clean post washing without any dry or stretchy feeling. But apart from this, the face wash doesn’t do anything else. I have been using this as my night time face wash for past 10 days, but I haven’t yet noticed any significant reduction of my marks or blemishes though it claims to do so. Also I haven’t seen any skin brightening effect of this face wash.

Overall, Astaberry Papaya Face Wash is a regular face wash for daily cleansing. It removes the dirt, oil and grime from the face to give a fresh and clean skin. It doesn’t make skin dry post washing. But sadly it doesn’t work effectively on marks and pigmentation, neither does anything for skin brightening. Its just an average face wash that cleanses skin without making it dry.

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Good about Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Fresh papaya smell
  • Easy to use
  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Doesn’t make skin dry
  • Pocket-friendly

Bad about Astaberry Papaya Face Wash

  • Not effective on reducing blemishes/marks
  • Doesn’t brighten up skin

Availability : online

BeautifulhameshaBlog Rating : 3.5 /5

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