Asmara CC Cream Review

Hello Readers, I am going to share Asmara CC Cream Review. Asmara CC Cream is a complexion correcting balm which is hydrating yet has a non greasy formula. Just a dime size of this CC cream combats dull complexion and evens it out. It claims to boost skin radiance and keep skin matte. Presently there are several Asmara products available besides cc cream from facial kit to bleach, scrub, facial cleanser as well as liquid liner. Asmara products are available online at Shop CJ in various beauty combos. Below I have penned down my experience of using Asmara CC Cream.

Asmara CC Cream Review

In my house Shop CJ channel is tuned into every day and my mother keeps checking their deals. Some deals are a steal while quality of some is just not worth investing. Since some time I wanted a multi function massager and when I saw the same on Star CJ, it also had a super deal as a huge range of products from Asmara ranging from facial kit to makeup essentials came free along with it. I was super excited to receive my parcel as the massager served my purpose completely but somehow none of the products from Asmara could live up to my expectations. Anyway, lets get started with today’s post – Asmara CC Cream Review.

Asmara CC Cream pack

Price of Asmara CC Cream : Rs.325/- for 50 g

Directions for use and Ingredients :

Asmara CC Cream direction for use and ingredients

Shelf life: 3 years

Color : Beige

Smell: Pleasant

Asmara CC Cream

What Asmara CC Cream claims

Asmara CC Cream claims

Asmara CC Cream swatch

Asmara CC Cream on me

My experience with Asmara CC Cream

Asmara CC Cream comes packed it a decent tube packaging with a sturdy flip open cap. One needs to press its body to get access to the product. The fragrance added is pleasant and the shade I got is Gold. As their parent website is under construction so its difficult to know if there are other shades available or not. Although the product label does not mention anything about added sun protection yet Asmara CC Cream has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide among its ingredients which does add some features of a sunscreen in it.

The consistency of Asmara CC Cream is creamy and somewhat thick which needs a slight massage to blend it. As per their claims this helps one combat dull and uneven complexion so one needs to apply a dime sized amount on face and neck. This is where the problem starts, as it is not available online so one cannot choose in between the shades. The shade gold is a little light for my complexion and if I actually use a dime sized as per instruction then I look like a ghost, thanks to the sunscreen elements it has. On the other hand this Asmara CC Cream is apt for my mothers complexion as she is fair but the problem is that the CC cream gets washed away when applied on a rainy or extremely hot day. Just imagine your face looking patchy and messy because half of the base makeup wears off within sometime.

?Only thing is that Asmara CC Cream is quite moisturizing unless one has extremely dry skin. I tried using the CC cream for my hands and leg makeup and mixed it up with a little body lotion. That was a big disaster because it rained a little and my legs looked half painted. Yuck! I tried to finish it off by using it to make tinted lotion. Another failure because this way not only this CC cream takes longer to get absorbed into the skin but also looks white and unnatural layer on the skin. Other than that it does not give any coverage or make the complexion look even. Even if this Asmara CC Cream matches your complexion it just vanishes somewhere and skin looks like there is nothing on. To check the same see the application picture, can you spot any difference with and without having applied the CC cream? I have been literally struggling to make something out of this CC cream from Asmara but it just did not work for me. I do not think its worth investing in such a product.

Overall Asmara CC Cream does not live up to its promises whether it is about imparting even complexion or skin radiance or anything. In short it does absolutely nothing. A total turn off for me.

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Good about Asmara CC Cream

  • Hydrating as promised
  • Not tested on animals

Bad about?Asmara CC Cream

  • Overpriced for the quality
  • Whitish cast on wheatish complexion
  • Does not give coverage or even out complexion
  • Does not boost skin radiance
  • Shades are difficult to chose
  • Even if the shade matches ones complexion, it makes no difference
  • Does not even work when mixed with a body lotion
  • Gets washed away instantly with water or sweat

Availability: Shopcj website and channel

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 1/5

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