Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo Review

Hello Ladies!!! Today I will tell you about a shampoo that comes to my rescue when in severe winters I do not want to oil my hair before shampooing. Oiling is associated with basic nourishment to scalp and a remedy that conditions hair naturally. In short the goods associated with oiling is just too big to ignore. However in our busy lives most of us forget to take time out for self care and one of the major sufferers are skin and hair. Same is with me as sometimes in a jiffy I really do not have much time to actually oil hair before washing them, for such emergencies I need a mild hair cleanser at an affordable price. Read my views on this product through Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo Review.
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Aroma magic triphla shampoo is a gentle everyday shampoo that is formulated with natural ingredients. The main ingredient triphla is associated with hair strengthening properties while others like Indian gooseberry, fenugreek and shikakai are basic ingredients used to sort various hair problems. Apart from these, this shampoo consists essential oils which are rare in regular shampoos, thus making it a mildly formulated mild hair cleanser. Plus it claims to cleanse hair without upsetting the ph balance of the scalp. Keep reading to find out how it fares.

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Price: Rs.150/- for 220 ml

Directions for using and ingredients : 

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Consistency: Gel like in winters and a little less hard in summers

Color : Green

Shelf Life: 3 years

Smell: Regular shampoos

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What Aroma Magic Triphala Shampoo claims

This gentle shampoo deep cleanses, moisturizes and conditions hair without upsetting the pH balance of the scalp.  It enables hair cuticle and scalp to breathe easily. Also adds volume, body and shine.

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My Experience with Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo 

This is my second bottle of the triphla shampoo. I always keep this as a back up actually. The first thing I would be concentrating upon is the packaging. The shampoo has a gel like consistency; especially in winters it just hardens to become a gel so why a bottle and not a tube or something else. To get shampoo out of it with wet hands is like a battle won. Because of its consistency it is also difficult to dilute in water like many of us do instead that of directly applying the shampoo.

Coming to its efficiency, it is actually a mild shampoo not sure whether its sulphate free or not as only active ingredients are enlisted. But it does not foam that much which means that it’s a mild hair cleanser. Even if someone has a problematic scalp then also it would fare well. It cleanses hair really well and hair remains non greasy for at least two full days. As it is meant for oily hair so may be the company presumed that oily scalps do not get into the oiling before shampoo procedure .For the same reason, this shampoo needs more than just one wash to remove heavy oil from hair. It can make dry hair drier but does not damage hair in any manner.

Thus, being a mild shampoo this is recommended to oily scalp beauties who are not into oiling and normal scalp as their everyday hair cleanser. Also a conditioner is a must after this shampoo as it does not control the dryness of hair in any manner. There is a different variant meant for dry hair which is on my list next. Apart from its inability to wash off heavy oil from scalp everything about this shampoo is amazing from its formulation to affordability and suitability that makes it a great shampoo for oily scalp. Its very mild and safe so I will keep coming back to this whenever I feel like not oiling my hair.

In all this a great shampoo for oily scalp when not oiled heavily, it cleanses and being mild can be tried everyday, keeps scalp clean really long but a conditioner is a must after this as it does not do anything to dryness or frizziness.

Good about Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo

  • Boon for oily scalp
  • Cleanses well
  • Very mild formulation
  • Keep scalp grease free for long
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Available in small size too
  • Needs to be followed up with a conditioner
  • Cannot remove heavy oil from hair

Bad about Aroma Magic Triphla Shampoo

  • Needs to be followed up with a conditioner
  • Can not remove heavy oil from hair

Availability:   Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating:  3.5/5   ♥♥♥•

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