Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review – Hi all 🙂 Today I will be sharing Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review. Expectations rise sky-high when Aroma Essentials introduces new products. Not only is their range eclectic but also the aroma of the products is never compromised. What is impressive is that they use only essential oils and decoctions to give their products that captivating aroma which keeps us coming back to their products time and again. Below I have shared my experience with Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb.

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review

It goes without saying that the products are effective too but the aroma is the USP. Since lavender has an uplifting aroma per se, I was gung-ho to try their Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb (which by the way, is introduced in a number of flavors) which had lavender’s fragrance and so I just did what I wished to- Went ahead and zeroed in on their Lavender bath bomb. Having used it now, today I will present my Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Review.

Price of Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb :

Rs.75/- for each bath bomb

Directions for use : Pop a bath bomb into a tub of warm/lukewarm water. See it dissolve within minutes and then, soak your hands, feet or even entire body to revel in its goodness.

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb look 2

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb Ingredients : Menthol crystals, lavender buds, rose petals, citric acid, milk powder and baking soda.

Shelf life : No shelf life is mentioned but one bath bomb lasts only a single use.

Smell : It has a very invigorating and refreshing aroma that is of course, expected from lavender. It is not strong the way lavender essential oils generally tend to be, hence won’t pose a problem to those with a sensitive nose.

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb look 3

color : Light purple

What Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb claims

Bath salts and fizzies create a luxurious bath time, helping you to relax, unwind and forget about your troubles. They can also be used in aromatherapy, a complementary and alternative medicine. Aromatherapy bath bombs uses essential oils to create an aroma, which can aid healing. These specific bath bombs are used for therapeutic purposes and can bring a sense of calm and well-being.

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My experience with Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb comes packed in a simple plastic cover which is further enclosed in a bubble wrap. Given its one-time use feature, the kind of packaging furnished seems legit and I do not have any problem with it. Hence, in terms of packaging, it works well for me.

Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb has a grainy texture and upon unwrapping, its uplifting aroma permeates in the air. When popped into a bucket containing lukewarm water which is what I prefer, it dissolves within the twinkling of an eye. The water in the tub/bucket turns light purple (do not worry about staining. It won’t) with a few buds of lavender scattered here and there arbitrarily that look comely. The aroma is not strong so, those with a sensitive nose will not be in for a rude shock.

After soaking my feet into the tub for half an hour, I scrub the soles with a pumice stone to banish the build-up of all the dead skin cells’ layers and grime. Our feet deserves TLC, doesn’t it? Having scrubbed my feet, I apply a liberal amount of Aroma Essentials’ ylangylang body butter which works wonderfully to soften my feet and lock the moisture. All in all, this mini at-home spa session winds up and a major reason behind it being frolicsome is Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb. It deserves a try at least.

Overall, With its soothing and rejuvenating aroma, calming properties and softening ability, this Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb keeps your skin nourished and mind calm. Invest in it for its all natural content and calming effect is what everyone needs in the hustle and bustle of lives today.

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Good about Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb

  • Excellent aroma
  • Refreshes and energizes one
  • Drives away tiredness, dirt and grime off your skin
  • Made in India
  • Softens skin very well
  • All-natural composition
  • No toxics added
  • Can be used by all skin types

Bad about Aroma Essentials Lavender Bath Bomb

  • This is not a limitation but a suggestion to Aroma Essentials. I wish they introduce their bath bombs in packets say of two, three, four or five (whatever they feel would work). Why? This way the cost per unit would work out less for the consumer. Given that a bath bomb lasts only a single use, investing Rs.75/- seems a bit unjustified. One use and its gone. If however, the bath bombs are introduced as a pack, the cost per bath bomb would lower. There is no shortcoming in the product per se.

Availability : Visit Aroma Essentials’ Facebook page. Drop a message and they will reply to you as soon as possible.

BeautifulHamesha Rating : 4/5

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