Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Review

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Review – Sun tan, sun burns and skin discoloration are early signs of sun damaged skin. Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask is a natural solution to get rid of sun tan. With the onset of summers, skin is exposed to a higher risk of damage. Thus everyone needs to be regular with anti sun remedies like tan removal masks and sunscreen. To maintain an even complexion, I picked up a tan removal mask from Aroma Essentials which is completely free from harsh chemicals, petroleum and mineral oil. Here is a detailed post on the effectiveness of Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask.

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Review

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Review

Aroma Essentials is a range of handmade skin and hair products freshly made in small batches using finest natural ingredients. Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask is formulated with bentonite clay which activates blood circulation and oxygenates skin. Being infused with magnesium chloride it aids in acne reduction and clearance of skin discoloration. Besides an aid to sun tan removal, it cleanses and exfoliates skin of excess oil and makes it soft and toned. Check out my Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Review below.

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask tub

Price of Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask :

Rs.250/- for 35 gm

Directions for Use : Apply thin layer all over face and neck and after 10 minutes rinse with water. Use twice a week.

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask direction for use

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask Ingredients : Vitamin E, Honey, Bentonite

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask ingredients

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask

Shelf life : 6 months

Color : Beige

Smell : Pleasant

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask opening

What Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask claims

  • Prevents skin tan and darkening to pave way to radiant looking skin
  • Tones skin and reduces skin discoloration
  • Combats acne
  • Removes excess oil from skin
  • Aids in skin exfoliation
  • Helps fight blackheads and whiteheads

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask claims

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask swatch

My experience with Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask

Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask is available in two sizes, individually as well as in customized skin care kit. It is packed in a simple tub which makes is travel friendly and spill proof. A colorful label attached on it, states the purpose and usage instructions of the product. The first noticeable feature is the fragrance which is truly mesmerizing.

Unlike other powder face masks, Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask in the ready to use form. The paste like consistency remains creamy till the last unit of the pack is used up; there is no hardening of the paste with time. One can scoop out a little and apply directly on the sun exposed parts. It is always best to start with skin free from dirt and pollution. The fragrance helps one relax and in 15 minutes or less the product dries up and it is time to rinse it away.

Washing off is easy, I take some water in my palm and lightly massage it in circular motion to remove this Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask. This way skin gets the benefits of mild exfoliation too. Skin becomes super smooth and soft to touch. Unlike other drying masks, this layers a hydrating feel in the skin instead of any stretchiness.  The whole procedure is quick and non messy.

Talking of the actual effects, Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask works like a charm both in removing tan as well as keeping skin free from discoloration. I had packed this for my beach vacation. Every day after removing makeup, I used to apply a light layer on the skin. After every use, complexion looked fresh and glowing. The skin darkening caused by staying outdoors all day long got removed in one use itself. After using it back to back for five days I found the uneven complexion around my cheeks had reduced considerably. The pack requires twice a week usage which is enough to maintain tan free complexion which I am doing for my arms where I have old tan, and it is slowly fading away too.

Overall, Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask is a miracle tan removal mask as it lives up to its promises. An instant and hydrating recipe infused with the goodness of bentonite clay, it removes sun tan and heals skin discoloration, adds smoothness and aids in overall maintenance of an even complexion.

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Good about Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask

  • Instant and ready to use
  • Removes sun tan and skin discoloration
  • Natural ingredients free from harsh chemicals
  • Great for all skin types
  • Non drying on the skin, rather nourishes it
  • Has the goodness of bentonite clay and vitamin E
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • One small tub gives 10-12 uses minimum which is extremely cheaper than a cleanup at a parlor
  • Other products available which help in removing sun tan

Bad about Aroma Essentials D-tan Mask

  • Nothing except old tan needs a consistent usage routine to get rid of it

Availability : Check Facebook page of Aroma Essentials to check cataloge and consult about products or call them 077609 88272

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