Are you going shopping for Wedding Jewelry? Here’s what to keep in mind!

Are you going shopping for Wedding Jewelry? Here’s what to keep in mind! – Shopping for Indian wedding jewelry is no joke, and a woman must understand that there are many aspects to it. The most significant element involved in jewelry shopping is the budget, and then there’s comfort, design, quality, to name a few of the things.
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Tips to Buy Wedding Jewelry

Jewelry is an important aspect that adds to the panache of your ensemble. The ornaments you select will add to your aura, glow and overall look. To ensure that you pick the right Indian jewelry for wedding and have no regrets later, here are things one must keep in mind while shopping for wedding jewelry.

Research Well and Educate Yourself Well in Advance

Before buying pieces of bridal jewelry, decide whether you want them for luxury or not. If you intend to make a good investment, you can opt for gold or precious gemstones.

Make sure you recognize the distinction between Polki, Diamond, Kundan, precious stones, etc., so that you can make a smart selection when shopping for your dream bridal jewelry.

Once you start the research, you will learn about current trends and types of jewelry. It is always good to do proper research to understand what fits you the best.

Buy Your Jewelry Before your Outfit

This is one of the most common mistakes people make. Buying the outfits first and then selecting jewelry pieces to complement them.

But, deciding on your bridal jewelry then the clothes is the right way to go about it. Brides need to be wise while selecting it and assessing if the piece of jewelry can be paired with multiple outfits in the future.

Pay Attention to the Intricacies of the Outfit

Keep the detailing on your bridal outfit in mind before buying your bridal set pieces. Pay attention to the detailing – thread work, beadwork, zari, embroidery, plus the colors, shades, or patterns.

It would help if you also had a clear picture of your blouse’s neckline. Not every necklace looks good with every neckline.

For instance, pairing a pink lehenga with silver embroidery would not look good with gold jewelry. This is why one must be careful and take extra caution by looking at all the wedding outfit details.

Overlapping and Over-layering of Necklaces

Be wise while making the right choice of necklace, which will be apt according to your neckline. Overlapping sets of wrong placements of necklaces can lead to an unpleasant look.

It’s always good to approach the right combination in terms of color and sizes while layering.

Attention to Details of the Bridal Outfit

While selecting bridal jewelry, we should always keep in mind the detailing on our outfit.

Whether it’s beadwork, thread work, zari, embroidery, colors, shades, or patterns, always having a clear understanding of your final outfit will help pick out the right jewelry for the D-day look.

Consider the Neckline of the Outfit

A necklace is usually the focal point of all the jewelry you wear. Thus considering the neckpiece design while selecting the outfit is key.

For example, if you have a Y or V-shaped necklace, the neckline can be according to the shape of the necklace, or if you have a multi-layered necklace, a closed neck outfit would be ideal.

Don’t Choose Jewelry by Size But by its Weight

One common mistake that brides often make is picking their bridal jewelry by its size and not by its weight. We suggest that you consider doing it the other way around.

This will justify the karat involved in the stones, and simultaneously the price of the jewelry becomes much more expensive with its weight.

Concentrate on Layering your Bridal Jewelry Pieces Instead of Buying One Neckpiece

This commandment applies to the neckpiece the most. Instead of buying one big choker necklace or a diamond necklace, think of layering your neckpieces.

Experiment with the lengths, pendants, stones, and metals. This will give you that certain glam and shine on your big day. And give you more options to use the neckpieces later on, instead of just packing them off in the locker.

Ultimately, the most important point is to feel comfortable with your jewelry. This is going t be your big day, and you would want to enjoy it as much as possible.

Avoid heavy earrings for occasions where you will have to move around. Jewelry shouldn’t make you feel constricted but should increase your confidence. No matter how expensive and designer your outfits are, you can never get a perfect look if you do not complement your jewelry with it.

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