Are scrubs harmful for our skin ??

Hi everyone, Hope you are doing great. We’ve heard the beauty routine – cleaning, toning, moisturising and scrubbing right but many of us still oppose it , when it comes to scrubbing their body especially face, we still have doubts like – it will harm my delicate skin, lead to rashes or take away the softness often come to mind when it comes to using scrubs. So are all these doubts valid? Are scrubs really bad for your skin? Or is this all a myth? Let’s find out.

Are scrubs harmful for skin


Scrubs are essentially used to get rid of the dead skin cells from our skin. If not cleansed from time to time, they can clog pores which can lead to skin problems like acne or pimples. They also age the skin faster by blocking proper blood circulation. Scrubs exfoliate the skin and free it from these dead cells.

When to scrub?

Scrubbing is recommended by various skin experts but the number of times one scrubs their face depends on their skin-type. People with oily skin can scrub more often than people who have dry, flaky skin; or youngsters can scrub more often than older women with mature skin. The micro-beads present in scrubs will clear out your skin and make it smoother and glowing.

But even then, scrubbing can leave your skin feeling raw and harsh if done in excess. Remember, scrubbing is not a daily skin routine. It should be done only once in a week or 15 days, based on how your skin reacts to it. People who have sensitive skin should ideally ask their dermatologist how often they should use a scrub as it can lead it redness and rashes if overdone.

How to choose a scrub?

Not all of them are same and each face will react differently to them. So how do you find the right one for your skin? Here’s how. After you know your skin-type, choose one which suits you best. If you have oily skin, a gel based scrub with bigger micro-beads will work best for you. If you have dry skin, choose one which is cream based and has moisturising properties. This will make sure that your skin does not get too dry after the process. People with sensitive skin should be careful while choosing one. They should buy one which is extremely mild and use it sparsely.

Apart from cosmetic ones, one can also make their own scrubs at home. There are many natural scrubbing agents and they can be handy if you want to exfoliate your skin. Sugar is one of them and is suited to most skin-types. Coarse, ground coffee is another option. Since it has antioxidants, it is good for sagging skin. Oatmeal also makes for a good scrub if you have irritated skin and sea salt is particularly good for areas like elbows and knees.

So, we can conclude that scrubs aren’t all bad if used in moderation. They help our skin to rejuvenate by removing the dead skin. But keep in mind, if you have cuts or bruises then it is best to avoid scrubbing as it will irritate the skin further and cause a burning sensation. So include it in your beauty regimen and get younger looking skin.

 So friends hope who’s confused about scrubbing now they are free to do it right…. 🙂

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