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Archie’s Dream Girl Deo Review – Hi beauties…Today my post is about Archie’s Dream Girl Deo Review, a deodorant from Archie’s..It is called dream girl..Sound interesting…hmm?? Well, I am a big time enthusiast for collecting perfumes. So, I keep experimenting with fragrances. From citrus to floral to sweet to spicy… I have at least tried one of every kind.. 😀

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My most recent buy is this, Dream girl deo. from Archies. I got attracted to the packing and got convinced with the fragrance. Read on, to know about my experience with this sweet note..

Net Volume: 150 ml for Rs. 150/-  Well suited my budget 🙂

Key Ingredients: Alcohol, isobutane, propane, aqua,parfum, propylene glycol, linalool, polyglycerine 3 caprylate,
coumarin.limonene, butylphenyl methylpropional

Directions for use: Hold can at a 15cm distance and spray generously.

Archie’s Dream Girl Deo Review, Archie’s Dream Girl Deo , Archie’s, Dream Girl Deo Review, deo, deododrant ,perfumedShelf Life: 36 months

Color of product : Spray

Smell of the product:
This one is one note you must have smelt in some other deo at some point of time. It is a common sweet and somewhat fruity fragrance. I guess, girls love this note and therefore, this particular smell keeps popping up commonly in deos. It lasts in a very strong form for 45 minutes or so. Thereafter, it fades a bit but is still detectable for 3 hours or so. That’s pretty reasonable, I guess…

Archie’s Dream Girl Deo Review, Archie’s Dream Girl Deo , Archie’s, Dream Girl Deo Review, deo, deododrant ,perfumed

What Archie’s Dream Girl Deo claims

Archie’s deo gives 24 hour odour control from bacteria. It gives you a boost when you need it the most of all over body freshness.

Feel about Archie’s Dream Girl

As I mentioned earlier, I got attracted by the packing instantly. It is something worth flaunting 🙂 Archie’s tag adds to the charm. It comes in a size that would easily fit in your carry bag. The cap fits tightly so no chances of wastage. The smell stays on for reasonable time for me, say around 3 hours…I do not expect deo. to do better than that. It contains alcohol so I would suggest, spray it on your clothes or less sensitive skin like that of neck or shoulders. Avoid direct spray on arm pits.

On my neck, I did not experience any irritation or stinging with this deo. Do not spray at clothes from a very close distance as it can leave stains. Always, keep a distance of 15cm while spraying.
Here is a little tip girls, spray a little deo. In freshly washed hair. They retain the smell really well. Also, since it is a sweet fruity note…You can layer it up with other fruity smells like strawberry. 🙂

Pros of Archie’s Dream Girl Deo

  • Affordable
  • Travel friendly
  • Sweet smell
  • Reasonable lasting power
  • Super cute packing

Cons of Archie’s Dream Girl Deo

  • Nothing as per me

Availability: Easy

Fashion and beauty rating:5/5 ♥♥♥♥♥

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