Antonio Banderas Perfume Review

[kkstarratings]Hi girls, The brand created under the label of ANTONIO BANDERAS has been an instant hit among western league. Antonio Banderas perfume is a present for me by my hubby and I just love the fragrance and its staying power, which is fabulous. Today my post is about Antonio Banderas Perfume Review. Blue seduction comes in a super sexy square in shape glass bottle. The packaging itself is very tempting which actually may attract a lady to try this ‘Eau De Toilette’ natural spray.

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Antonio Banderas is a famous Hollywood celebrity. His Blue seduction (for women) has become an instant hit among fashionable and trendy girls. The international fragrance is very peppy and sexy that switches ON the mood instantlyJ. I just love spraying it essentially when I am going for a long drive or some classy parties. The fragrance itself tells the quality & class of us and the perfume. Antonio Banderas Perfume has a unique sweet international floral fragrance that stays for a fabulous period which means even till washing the cloths, the fragrance stays.

It’s a bold fragrance for tough and classy girls. I will recommend this fragrance for those who are used to attending elite parties and the girls who want to show their best side to the world


Antonio Banderas Perfume box image

Price : Rs. 2500/- for 100 ml

Direction for Using : Use the perfume by spraying it on the cloths and your key areas of the body like we do normally.

Key ingredients:

Antonio Banderas Perfume Ingredients Image

Shelf life : Not mentioned, actually the fragrance stays intact for many years if stored properly

Color : Aqua blue

Smell :  Sweet international floral fragrance

Antonio Banderas Perfume bottle image

What Antonio Banderas Perfume Claims

  • The product blue seduction for women from Antonio Banderas claims to give a seductive range of perfumes which has a very long lasting capacity without any harmful reactions to body skin.
  • The product comes in a various flavors and fragrances designed for the elite and fashionable customers.
  • The product is natural so no irritation to skin.

Antonio Banderas Perfume bottle with box Image

Good about Antonio Banderas Perfume

  • Great international fragrance
  • Fantastic staying power ( phenomenally long lasting)
  • Various fragrances available
  • Natural spray
  • Doesn’t irritate skin and nose.

Bad about Antonio Banderas Perfume

  • Since internationally made(in Spain) and imported to India, costly product
  • Limited availability

Availability:   Available only in renowned fashion house chains like Lifestyle, Shopper’s Stop etc. and online.

Fashion and Beauty Ratings:  4.5/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. thats wonderful 🙂 pls share 😛

  2. lovely packaging 🙂

  3. very tempting indeed

  4. This sounds great, never knew about this one but the price is on the higher side :/

    • Hi Arzoo 🙂 ya its in the higher side but internationally imported signature perfumes are generally costly. Thgh this is cheaper than many yaar 🙂

  5. Wow! looks good!

  6. Wow!!Should give a try!!Guess the perfumes named after him are as hot as he is!!

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