Ambar Glamour Lipstick Review

Hello Dolls and here I am back with another lipstick review – Ambar Glamour Lipstick Review. “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together,” Elizabeth Taylor famously said once! So true! Swiping on some lipstick can work as a huge confidence booster and mood transformer as well. Ambar Glamour Lipstick promises to be long wearing, moisturizing formula. It is perfect for whole day, and compliment with smokey eyemakeup for a glamorous evening look. I bought this Ambar Glamour Lipstick during one of my recent makeup haul. Talking about the ‘Ambar’ brand, I never knew they make lipsticks, basically I have seen their bindis, sindoor and stuff like that.

Ambar Glamour Lipstick Review

These days, I am on a shopping spree, particularly I am buying a lot of lipsticks. And there is a special reason for that. I am trying to find out the best budget lipsticks for all those who can not spend a huge amount only for a lipstick. The Ambar Glamour Lipstick is a part of my mission. I am basically looking for lesser known lipstick brands! Just because they are not famous, doesn’t mean their products are not of good quality. You might get a good lipstick just for Rs.250/, but how would you know which one is good? So, I have decided to take up that task of bringing those good quality, affordable lipsticks to your notice. I have already bought lots of lipsticks and the reviews will be up in the coming days! As of now, check out my Ambar Glamour Lipstick Review below.

Ambar Glamour Lipstick pack 1

Ambar Glamour Lipstick bullet

Price of Ambar Glamour Lipstick : Rs. 110/- for 4.5 gm

Directions for use : swipe on the lips

Ambar Glamour Lipstick texture

Ingredients : not mentioned

Ambar Glamour Lipstick cap

Ambar Glamour Lipstick shade

Shelf life : not mentioned

Color : peachy nude

Smell : waxy smell

Ambar Glamour Lipstick color

What Ambar Glamour Lipstick claims


Ambar Glamour Lipstick swatch

My experience with Ambar Glamour Lipstick

Ambar Glamour Lipstick comes in a blue lipstick case. There case has a golden band in between to separate the lid and the body. The lipstick comes enclosed is a carton box which has the brand name printed on it. The packaging is flimsy and of poor quality. The lipstick might just break if accidentally falls down. I am not impressed with the packaging at all and don’t feel it is safe to carry either.

The Ambar Glamour Lipstick I bought is of shade no. 437. No shade name is mentioned and you will find the shade number given at the bottom of the lipstick. Basically its a peachy nude shade lipstick. The shade would look good on Indian skin tone and a perfect lipstick for summer. The lipstick has a waxy smell, which I found little irritating!

Coming to the texture, Ambar Glamour Lipstick has a waxy texture and that’s why, it is little difficult to apply. The lipstick doesn’t glide smoothly on the lips and you may experience a bit of tugging and pulling. The lipstick imparts a matte finish to the lips. It has amazing staying power, which took me to surprise. The lipstick easily stays out on the lips for 5-6 hours at a stretch and even survives meals. After that, this Ambar Glamour Lipstick starts to fade away and gives a waxy look to the lips.

Another massive con of this Ambar Glamour Lipstick is that it feels dry on the lips and as time passes, lips feel even more drier.

Overall, Ambar Glamour Lipstick is a very ordinary lipstick. The nude peachy shade looks great, but flimsy packaging and waxy texture is a big turn off! There is no ‘glamour’ in this Ambar Glamour Lipstick!

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Good about Ambar Glamour Lipstick

  • Lovely peachy nude shade
  • Matte finish
  • Impressive staying power

Bad about Ambar Glamour Lipstick

  • Flimsy packaging
  • Waxy texture
  • Not easy to apply
  • Lips feel dry
  • Gives a waxy look to the lips when fades away

Availability : easily available at small shops

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 2.5/5

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  1. Such an everyday colour….

  2. How I wished that the quality was better…the shade is a must have fr me 🙂

  3. The shade is pretty, wish it wasn’t waxy and fared better.

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