Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil Review

Hello Readers, today my post is about Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil Review. Oils have a special significance in the beauty regime of Indian women. Since childhood some oils have remained consistent in my skincare and hair care routine. For most oils give great results when used on skin as well as hair, castor live is a bit more as it can also be consumed for immunity. I was facing some hair thinning issues so though of trying desi nuskas and picked up a cold pressed oil from the house of Aloe Veda.

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil Review

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil is extracted using the cold pressing method which is the best way of extracting the product without affecting the purity of the oil. This oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal which makes this suitable for both skin as wella s hair. Being rich in Omega 9 fatty acids and ricinoleic, it fights scars and stretch marks, corns and fungal infections, nourishes the scalp and many more. Aloe veda range of products are widely available in all online portals and even in offline outlets in some cities. Let’s read on to my Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil Review to know more.

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil packaging

Price of Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil?: Rs.225/- for 200 ml

Direction for use :

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil direction for use

Key Ingredients ๐Ÿ˜•Castor Oil

Shelf life?: 2 years

Color : Yellow

Smell?: Like Pure Castor Oil

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil opening

What Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil claims

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil claims

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil swatch

My experience with Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil has a very decent transparent bottle packing. Being a see through it is easy to detect the quantity of oil left in the bottle while the bottle design restricts the product from slipping away. According to the company not every person might feel comfortable using this oil so it is always better to do a patch test beforehand. This oil from Aloe Veda is hexane free and is not tested on any animal.

Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor oil is a little sticky and so is this oil but the stickiness is lesser compared to other brands of castor oils I have used before. The fragrance is not very bothering. I use this oil in the following ways:

  • With my regular hair oil whether coconut or almond oil I add 1 part castor oil and massage on my scalp as usual. The results are mild blowing as it gives me soft and manageable hair.
  • Whenever I feel that my skin is feeling dry while regular oils can give me breakouts, I apply this as a facial oil instead of my night cream. Next morning face looks glowing and smooth. This oil does not cause breakouts at all.
  • Before hitting the bed I dip a small bud into the oil and apply on my lashes and eyebrow. Hopefully this will add to its volume in some more time.
  • Even as a body massage oil it provides adequate nourishment to dry skin but it is difficult to massage on directly owing to its thick consistency. I mix this up with any lighter after bath oils and use it as a body massage oil too.
  • I have tried using this oil solely on the scalp without mixing it with any carrier oil and was surprised to see that two washes of my Trichup shampoo could easily wash this off too.
  • Castor oils is edible but I am not too sure about this one as the company has no mention of the same no never tried doing that.

I would highly recommend this oil to anyone who wants a budget friendly but pure castor oil. Besides regular uses on skin and hair, one can also use this on stretch marks and scars in proper recipes as castor oil is said to help fade them away with continued use. I cannot say how it fights existing acne as I do not have any. Overall I am very impressed with this castor oil and am looking forward to using other products from Aloe Veda.

Overall Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil is an excellent hexane free, cold pressed castor oil which helps in making skin and hair softer, smoother and free from infections.

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Good about Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil

  • Stickiness is not too much like other brands of castor oil
  • Can be used alone or with other carrier oils
  • Relives skin and hair of dryness
  • Keeps scalp healthy and free from fungal infections
  • Hexane free and extracted via cold pressed method
  • Can be used as a body oil, lash potion and even as a foot massage oil
  • A good shampoo can wash it off in two washes if used alone
  • Does not breakout the skin
  • Might help in acne and pimples
  • Stretch marks and scars can also be faded away using castor oil in proper recipes

Bad about?Aloe Veda DISTIL Castor Oil

  • This might not be fit for consumption.

Availability?: Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.5/5

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  1. The review, the product and the images – all are nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OMG lots of uses of it ๐Ÿ™‚ good one

  3. Thanks Juthika for this informative post. I used Castor oil years ago but its texture was quite thick so discontinued it. Is the texture of this oil also thick? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I am thinking to buy it. Does it stop hair fall and promote hair growth?

  5. It’s realy work to growing hair or not?

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