All about Hair Rebonding

Hii ladies! I am back with a new post – All about Hair Rebonding. Hair care services are on a rise these days. Earlier our beauty focus was only on skin care and makeup. But lately luscious locks have also taken their place. Girls are paying special attention to their hair. Straight manageable and shiny hairs are a trend these days. So, girls are visiting salons to get their hair also like their favorite celebrities. This has given birth to a new hair care service called Hair Rebonding. Lets browse the post to know All about Hair Rebonding. This will include the steps of hair rebonding and the side effects of the same. So lets get started.

All about Hair Rebonding

What is?Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding is quite similar to straightening your hairs. It is actually an extended version of getting your hair straightened. During hair rebonding, firstly your hair is straightened using a straightener. But after this a chemical is applied so that your re-grown hair will also be in similar shape and texture. This will break the hair cores so that they are also in identical pattern.

What is Hair Rebonding

Steps for Hair Rebonding

We will be giving you a detailed description of how to get your hair re-bonded. Hair rebonding is a permanent process. So, before making such a big decision for your hair you must know what all your hair will go through durimg hair rebonding.

  • Your hair is shampooed and then washed off. You can advice your salon to use any particular type of shampoo. Normally, they use a mild shampoo. Conditioner is not applied at this step as it is applied later.
  • Hair is then left to air dry. The salon can also dry your hair using a hair dryer at the minimal settings. Normally hair dryer is used to reduce the time as rebonding is a time taking procedure.
  • After your hair is completely dry it is then neatly parted and divided into small sections. The number of sections and hair in each of them will completely depend upon your hair thickness and volume and length.
  • Now, at this step conditioner or relaxant is applied to each of the section leaving your hair straight. Thin plastic boards are used to keep your hair straight so that each and every hair strand is covered with the cream.
  • The cream is now left on to the hair. It usually takes 30 minutes on normal wavy hair but in case of dry and frizzy hair it might take a little longer time. it completely depends on your hair type. But make sure that the time does not exceed the maximum time of the cream else it might adversely affect your hairs.
  • Now, the hair is left for steaming for another 10-40 minutes depending on the hair texture and thickness and also the hair length.
  • Now, the hair is rinsed with water and then blow dried.
  • Now, keratin lotion is applied to your dry hairs.
  • Straightener is used so that any curls in your hair can be avoided.
  • Once your hair is straightened, neutralizer is applied on the parted hair so that the hair bonds are again structured and stabilized.
  • Neutralizer is left for another 30 minutes after which it is blow dried and rinsed away.
  • Then a hair serum is applied to give some shine and nourishment to your hairs.
  • Finally, the hair is ironed.

This is your silky straight and rebonded hair.

Hair Rebonding


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Is Hair Rebonding Harmful?

Yes, of course. Usage of any chemicals is harmful for your hairs. If you are facing hair loss then you should avoid rebonding. And post rebonding your hair will need extra care. So, don’t forget to visit salons for that extra pampering sessions.

That was All about Hair Rebonding. Let me know if you like the article in the comments down below. Also, if you have any other question regarding hair rebonding we can take it up in the comments down below.

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