8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning – “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” We have heard this end number of times in our lifetime! But how many of us have actually implemented this in our lives? Very few! For some mysterious reasons, waking up early in the morning is one of the hardest things in life..not just for me, but for for most of us! So in this post, I will share 8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning. Mornings are quiet, beautiful and you can enjoy nature at its best in the morning. Waking up early is one of the best ways to be more productive. Many of the world’s most successful people are morning person. We know all these, yet when the alarm clock goes off, we just can’t stop to hit snooze! Waking up early in the morning helps to start our day on a fresh and positive note and it also relieves us of the stress to get things done on time as you have ample amount of time to do your day’s work. But still, being a morning person is extremely hard and to help you out here are my 8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning.

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning

Sleep Early to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning - set the alarm clock

Now this is the most basic point. Getting up early doesn’t mean lack of sleep. Our body requires at least 6-8 hours of sleep, without which we might fell ill. So to lead a healthy and active life, it is important to follow a proper routine. And getting sufficient sleep is a very important part of that. Waking up early in the morning becomes significantly easier when you get a good amount of sleep at night.

Make a Transition to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning - do something exciting in the morning

One of the most important tips to wake up early in the morning is to do it gradually. Let your body get habituated to the change. Start with waking up early by 10-15 minutes for the first 2-3 days and then gradually make it 30 minutes, 45 minutes and so on. There is a reason behind doing so. Sudden changes of an earlier or so can be difficult and most likely going to be temporary. Suppose you wake up at 8:30 am and suddenly you decided to get up early by an hour or so. This will result in a big sleep deficit and you will find it tough. And probably after a few days you will give up. So better start gradually. Once you find it okay, then choose a time to wake up and stick to it.

Follow a Wind-Down Routine to Wake Up Early in The Morning

We often go to bed early but can’t bring ourselves to sleep. Do you know, what we do before bedtime plays a huge role in our attempt to sleep? Try to keep these activities as relaxing as you can and stick to them religiously. Take a cold shower and read a book for 15-20 minutes. Read a fiction book as that will not stress your mind at all. Don’t check emails as that will remind you of work, don’t even watch news as that will excite your mind. Mobiles and laptops are big NO-NO on bed. Follow this routine for a prolonged period and eventually your body will understand that these activities indicate the end of day and its time to relax.

Put the Alarm Clock Across the Room to Wake Up Early in The Morning

This is another trick that will help you wake up early. When the alarm clock is right next to you, you can hit the snooze button easily. So put it on the other side of the room, so that you have to get up to turn it off. And then instead of getting back to bed, go straight to bathroom. Set your favorite music as your alarm tone, but make sure that it doesn’t make you sleepy. You are up and about to greet a new day, so choose your alarm tone accordingly.

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Get Excited to Wake Up Early in The Morning

The night before, think about the exciting things that you will be doing in the morning. It could be meeting your jogging partner to share a new gossip (lol), or a new yoga routine, or something you want to write or read or a new breakfast recipe..it could be anything, but it should be exciting as that will motivate you to get up early.

Wake Up to a Clean Room

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning - wake up to a clean room

Keep your room clean and clear so that you can wake up to a visually appealing environment. This will not only motivate you to wake up early, but will also help to start the day feeling fresh and energetic.

Don’t Sleep During the Day to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning - don't sleep during the day

If you want to wake up early in the morning, then try to avoid sleeping during the day. However, you can take a power nap for 30 minutes or so. Doctors recommend that there should be a gap of at least 7 hours between your power nap and actual sleep. The reason being, if the gap is less you are more likely to struggle to fall asleep early at night.

Follow Some Relaxing Practices to Wake Up Early in The Morning

8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning - do relaxing activities

Other than all these above mentioned tips and tricks, one need to follow some other relaxing practices like meditation, gadget-free sleeping, flash back of daily activities etc (while trying to bring you to sleep) to develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Once your body gets sufficient sleep regularly, you will find it easier to wake up early in the morning.

So here are my 8 Tips to Wake Up Early in The Morning. Do remember, that this is not a magic or something that will give result instantly. Make these your daily habits and see how easily you can rise early and shine 🙂

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