8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed

8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed – Hi Ladies! Today I will share a new post – 8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed. This generation is getting a wide exposure to surgery that is available around the world and having a deep knowledge about everything is sort of good thing in your personality. There are innumerable stigma and myths surrounding the world surgery and here we would like to speak about it. Many of women just believe what others say in spite of having acknowledged or doing a research on it. With few facts a various myths surrounding the world cosmetic surgery, here we brought you complete details about it through this post 8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed.

8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed

8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed

Risk of Cancer if You Get Your Breast Implants Done

There are myths which say that if you get your breast implants done, there are high risk of suffering from breast cancer. But the fact is there is no such risk associated to breast implants and hence you can do it without any fear.

Botox Can Cause Frozen Face

Botox can cause Frozen Face

There are 43 facial muscles and if Botox is infected in one of the muscles by expert or an professional person it will help to soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores on the face. There is no such concept of frozen face.

Fats Get Transferred to Somewhere Else After Liposuction

It is often believed that if you undergo liposuction, fats gets transferred to some other part of the body. but you need to believe and remember this fact that while undergoing liposuction the extra fats and cells are removed and not the cellulite. So, you wont look uneven after this surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery are No Different to Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery are no different to Plastic Surgery

Many believe that plastic surgery is different from cosmetic surgery but let me tell you that cosmetic surgery is a part of plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery helps to improve the appearance of a person and plastic surgery helps to reconstruct your facial features and structure.

Filters are Easily Identified

No, filters cannot be easily identified if they are used in right quantity and according to the instructions mentioned. You should try to match the filters with your facial skin, structure and off course your complexion.

Saline Implants are better than Silicone Implants

Saline implants and silicone implants are considered as FDA and there have been no risk associated with these implants. Because the rate of leakage is much high in silicone implants, saline implants are recommended but both are safe to be used.

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Cosmetic Surgery is only for Woman

This is one of the biggest myths surrounding people. No, this is absolutely wrong that cosmetic surgery is only for woman but there are many men who are going through cosmetic surgery like liposuction, eyelid surgery, ear job, nose jobs etc.

Breastfeeding is better with Breast Implants

This is a myth that breastfeeding is better with breast implants. Your breast milk might absorb some silicone from breast implants but it is safe for your baby and hence you can.

8 Cosmetic Surgery Myths and Facts Revealed here. Hope you found it helpful.

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