8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair

8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair – Hi Beauties! Today my post is about 8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair. Bay leaf or commonly known as Tej Patta is one of the commonly used flavoured herbs in Asian countries. These leaves are always in the dried form and often used to add flavors in most of the dishes. Bay leaf is commonly used in Asian countries as a flavored herb. When it comes to beauty benefits, Bay leaf can be used in various forms right from the kitchen. Besides the fact that bay leaf daily in a kitchen, here we brought you 8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair.

8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair


8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair

Use As Natural Conditioner

Did you know, bay leaf can be used as the natural conditioner on your hair? Yes, due to antioxidants present in bay leaf it can help to smoothen your hair and also make them smooth and shiny. All you need to do is, boil some bay leaf in water and then strain the leaf out after 15 minutes. Now allow the water to cool down, and use it after shampoo. You should use the bay leaf water every alternate day for better results.

Avoid Fungal Infection Over Scalp

Due to irregular oiling of hair or may be due to other inappropriate reasons, you scalp can soon be attacked by the fungal and bacterial injection on it. Bay leaf has antibacterial and antifungal properties which help to kill the infection on the scalp. Just rinsing the scalp with bay leaf water can help to cure the scalp infections. Repeat this every day for better results.

benefits of bay leaves for hair

Reduces Scalp Inflammation

Just like skin inflammation, you scalp may also appear to be swollen sometimes. If the condition gets worst, it may lead to bleeding even. To cure this, you can crush few bay leafs and grind them well into powder. Applying bay leaf powder on the scalp or the swollen area can help to calm down due to the anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Helps to Hair Re-growth

A recent study says, a bay leaf can help to boost the growth of your hair and also make them grow strong. You have various ayurvedic oils, enriched with bay leaf water or powder, so you can apply them daily in the scalp.

Treats Itchy Scalp

Take few bay leaves and grind them into powder. Mix the powder with some coconut oil and apply it to the itchy areas of the scalp. This mixture helps to strengthen the hair follicles and also reduce the itchiness over the scalp. This herbal paste can also be used over itchy skin too.

healthy hair

Treats Dandruff

A rinse with bay leaf water can help to treat dandruff on hair. Bay leaf water acts as a tonic to hair which helps to treat dandruff and also eradicate dandruff built over the scalp. You can also add some bay leaf water in shampoo and then shampoo your hair. Generally, bay leaf water has no side effects over the scalp.

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Helps to Get Rid of Lice

Lice start with one and they have the power into multiple into lakhs within 10 days. Rinsing off with bay leaf water can help to treat the lice on the hair and also clean the scalp thoroughly. Due to its bitter tasting and strong flavor, it creates a suffocating condition for lice to stay in your hair.

Bay Leaves for hair

Helps to Control Hair fall

Bay leaves powder can help to prevent the suffering of speedy hair fall. You can make your own bay leaf powder at home. Crush some bay leaf in a grinder and add few drops of lemon and curd. Now mix it well and apply the solution to your scalp daily. This will help to strengthen your hair roots and avoid them from falling. Various hair related problems can be solved with bay leaf and its water. And hence, we recommend you to put these various methods in use.

Here I have shared 8 Benefits of Using the Bay Leaf Over Hair. Hope you all find it helpful 🙂

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