7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress – Hi BHBians! Today I will share a new post about our Dress up i.e 7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress. Slip dresses are the perfect pick for summers. So if you think it’s just for boudoir, no it is not. They are loose, sometimes baggy and comfortable like anything. However, when worn incorrectly it can look very ugly, almost like a night gown! But, if you can perk it up a little bit you can rock the look and stand out in the crowd effortlessly. Over the past few months, we have seen our favorite celebrities and fashionistas like Selena Gomez, the hot bod Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr, Kendall Jenner and other sport the slip dress so naturally that it would surely inspire you to try some of the ways to wear a slip dress instantly. Therefore, be it a casual day out or a date night for you, you can surely try out the slip dress for every occasion you want. So, let us see the 7 ways to wear a slip dress.

7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress

Slip Dresses with a Belt

Slip dresses With a belt

Slip dresses are generally loose and baggy therefore use a waist belt or a simple belt around the waist to show off your beautiful curves and still look ultra-casual. You can simply use studded belt or mate leather belt according to the print of the dress. Pair it up with clumsy bracelets and high heels to give a nice pomp and show to the look. You can also add a scarf around the belt for some experimentation. And, your soft and easy going look with a slip dress is ready and one of the best way to wear it.

Slip Dresses with a Shirt

Slip dresses With a shirt

Are you afraid that your slip dress is looking too casual to wear? Well, fret not. Use a shirt to overlay on top of the slip dress and it will benefit up the look even more. In fact there are some slip dresses which has the tendency to show too much skin and ends up looking OTT unnecessarily grabbing too much attention. For that also, layer it up with a block color or perky shirt to contrast or balance the whole makeup within few minutes. You can also tie the shirt around the waist if you want.

Slip Dresses with Leather Jacket

Slip dresses With leather jacket

Leather jacket is eternal when it comes to styling a dress or anything. If you want the tough girl look, add up a sleek leather jacket on top of your slip dress. This can be a very cool one for the ‘biker-chic’ look with an aviator and suede leather boots along with it. The whole look with slip dress and leather balances the feminine touch and tough outlook very well and casual.

Slip Dresses with a Hat

Slip dresses With a hat

Hats are always stylish, no matter what you wear with. Similarly, if you want to wear the slip dress casually, accentuate the look with an oversized hat or fedora hat and that would add up so much glamour and show to your look without trying too hard. Pair it up with heels or simple slippers and some perky pink lips for day time. This is the perfect look if you are travelling or going out for sightseeing. It is comfortable yet stylish to the core.

Slip Dressess over a Tee

Slip Dressess Over a tee

This is an old school trick to wear a nice slip dress without revealing too much skin. Choose a colored tee that would complement the slip dress color or print and wear it accordingly. You can also add some neck lien accessories which will give an edgy look. This is a great to wear a slip dress and look so much feminine and chic. Pair it up with a cute sling bag for a casual day out and you will feel so comfortable.

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Slip Dresses with Accessories

Slip dresses With accessories

You think the slip dress looks too flat and boring? Accentuate various accessories to make it interesting. You can add few beautiful necklaces and neckline spikes to cover boring slip dress. Add various waist jewelries to enhance the bling factor and some perky bracelets as well. For the shoes, chose a very contrasting color that would look good with the slip dress.

Slip dresses with Long Cardigan or Shrug

Slip dresses With long cardigan or shrug

Slip dresses are just not for summers only. You can easily wear a slip dress in winter as well. Add a long full sleeve shrug or long cardigan for the look and you would amazing. This will protect you form the heat and still you can portray the slip dress look comfortably. Go for a contrasting color with the slip dress and you would look amazing.

Thus, these are the 7 Ways to Wear a Slip Dress. Hope you like it 🙂

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