7 Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom Interior Designs

7 Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom Interior Designs – Don’t be misled by its function – first reputation. A well-designed bathroom is one of the most crucial aspects of any house. Whether you’re buying, renting, or just visiting, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house. So why wouldn’t you want it to look great? Finding the proper touches for your area might be difficult because there is no shortage of bathroom interior design ideas. Depending on the size of your space, you could choose to go all out in a little powder room or develop a peaceful design with neutral tones in a bigger bathroom. There is also room for minor enhancements. A judicious selection of tiles, moisture-loving plants, and stylish accents may elevate a monotonous job like hand washing.

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We went through the archives to find the greatest and brightest bathroom design ideas to consider. There’s certain to be a trendy solution for your size and taste, from luxury tubs to walk-in showers to space-efficient pedestal sinks.

7 Ways To Revamp Your Bathroom Interior Designs


One of the most important factors to consider when planning your bathroom interior design is lighting, which, more than any other room in the house, must be chosen thoughtfully, taking into account not only aesthetics but also the quantity of light necessary to execute basic rituals.

While a general lighting solution is usually recommended, it is very necessary in a windowless bathroom when you want to replicate the appearance of a space saturated with natural light.

In addition to basic illumination, we also need functional lights surrounding the mirror and basin area to assist with vital everyday chores such as shaving or applying make-up.

Colour Scheme

While white and black bathroom interior design is a simple way to decorate a bathroom and maximise space, there is a wide range of colours to fit your bathroom plan.

But, before you take up that roller and start painting like Picasso, remember how colour affects our mood and impression of space. While green may provide a serene mood, soft pinks exude romantic and regencycore sentiments.

Dark bathroom paint ideas, contrary to common thought, can be applied in small bathroom interior design. These colours may lend a touch of elegance and beauty to any environment, regardless of size.


Your bathroom floor is a high-traffic area that requires careful consideration when selecting a finish.

For individuals on a tight budget, imitation flooring such as laminate flooring or luxury vinyl tile (LVT) may go a long way. The most recent patterns and finishes are significantly superior to cheap-looking linoleum and are simple to install.

Real wood flooring is a long-lasting alternative that will last a lifetime. Just make sure to sand it well, and if you’re worried about splinters, a bathmat or rug may always provide coziness and comfort. It’s also worth noting that choosing engineered flooring is a wise decision. This is due to the fact that it is less prone to warp in damp, high-moisture environments.

Wall Finishes

Whether you choose to paint your bathroom walls, look for bathroom wallpaper ideas, or research tile ideas and trends, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Finally, there is no right or wrong way to decorate your bathroom; nonetheless, each has a distinct amount of practicality and suitability for your home, as well as being budget dependent.

Paint is a low-cost and versatile material. Consider an accent or feature wall in addition to your standard four-wall plan. Play with ombre effects, stencils, or go industrial with a concrete finish.

Bathroom tiling décor is an excellent choice for wet-prone walls. For a cohesive plan, match your tiles to the dominant trend in your bathroom. For a groovy ’70s vibe, use a mosaic theme in a vintage bathroom interior design. Why not take a trip back in time with art deco-inspired scalloped tiles?

Painting over wallpaper is another alternative. Yes, it’s debatable, but it is entirely feasible to attain a professional finish.

Finally, if you have well-kept walls with lovely brickwork below, exposed brick is another current method to design your bathroom for an industrial atmosphere.


When it comes to decorating your bathroom, one successful task to do is to choose a bathroom storage design that is both elegant and functional.

From bathroom cabinet ideas to luxury ladders that provide height to a space and ornately organised shelves, it’s critical to evaluate this fixture’s usefulness and how it functions in practice.

Households with young children, for example, would never conceive of putting pricey candles and bathroom items within touching reach of a child, and pet owners should certainly cross a not-so-perch-friendly ladder off their wish list.

Bathroom Seating

Those of you who have children will understand the desire to rush through the bath time routine before night.

However, for new-borns and toddlers who wish to experience sudsy relaxation and leisure, parents may frequently find themselves seated on a closed toilet as improvised sitting while overseeing water play.

Instead, consider bathroom design sitting for a more dignified personal care routine. Using a waterproof bench in a walk-in shower creates a comfortable environment that everyone can enjoy.

Aside from its apparent use, try utilizing a stool to showcase towels and luxury bathroom items to add interest to your space. This versatile furniture design would also work well in a spa bathroom. It has a charming pop-up pedicure station.

So, here you have it! These tips will help you re-do your bathroom interior design and give it that spa-like look. But while these tips are enough to get the ball rolling on your bathroom renovation, if you’re looking for that professional touch, it’s time to contact expert interior design companies such as Livspace.

Livspace is one of the most reputed interior design companies in India, offering some of the best services for all your design needs.

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