7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup

7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup – Hello everyone, hope you all are enjoying reading my posts. Today I would be speaking about different and easy 7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup. Did you ever think of using pastel colors for eye makeup? When you actually buy the eye makeup palettes, you can see a variety of colours in it. And you often get confused what to use and what not. Generally, most of the eye makeup palette includes using mint colour, light blue, shades of pink, grey and some shimmery colours. Well, In this post I define 7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup.

7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup

7 Tips for Pastel Eye Makeup

1. Start with Eyeliner

Start with Eyeliner

You should start using eyeliner and when it comes to pastel eye makeup. They generally suit all type of skin and complexion. If you want to play safe with the pastel colour, you should always start with an eyeliner most probably that is black in colour. If not black, you should use brown eyeliner to make your pastel eye makeup good.

2.Try Neutral Colors

Try Neutral Colors

You should try using some neutral colours and never hesitate to try this trend. If you think the pastel eye makeup is really dark on your complexion. You should try mixing the pastel eye makeup with a neutral colour. Pastel coloured eye shadows look beautiful when blended with neutral or white shade.

3. Apply Kajal

Apply Kajal

You should learn to apply Kajal that has the same colour of your eyeliner. Generally, girls love to wear black so you can move ahead wearing black eye liner as well as black colour Kajal. Always remember to apply kajal after completing the full makeup.

4. Mix and Match Pastel Shades

Mix and match pastel shades

One important thing to maintain the pastel eye look is you should mix and match different pastel shades. You should pick up two or three shades of eye makeup and try to blend it properly to give a classic look. If not anything, you should start blending your eye makeup with a white shade.

5. Highlight with White Eyeliner

Highlight with White Eyeliner

As I said, White is one of the universal colours that helps to highlight your eyes. And also makes your eye look beautiful. Once you have done with the pastel eye makeup, apply a white colour kajal or eyeliner and finish the look.

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6. Neutral Makeup

Neutral Makeup

Neutral makeup is actually difficult to carry a pastel eye makeup easily. And hence you should be very careful with rest of your face makeup. You should go for bare face and avoid using too much of makeup on it. Go for neutral with makeup or try mineral makeup. Go with soft pink blush and bronze and finish up the look.

7. Lip makeup

Lip makeup

When you are trying a neutral or pastel makeup, you should go with bare lips as it would compliment your rest of the look. If you want to be on the safer side while playing with pastel shades, you should opt to use white eye liner, white kajal and nude lips.

So, girls, these were my tips on rocking pastel eye makeup. Would you love to say some?

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    Great tips and very helpful 🙂 Love it 🙂

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