7 Pakistani Mehndi Designs

Mehndi has been a part of our tradition in the Indian sub continent since long. Mehndi is a very essential part of our occasions and ceremonies. The word mehndi has been derived from the Sanskrit word mendhika. Mehndi is one of the earliest vedic customs. Even in today’s world, mehndi is very much a part of our social customs. Women and girls love to wear beautiful and unique mehndi on their hand and feet during various festive occasions and events. There are various types of mehndi designs known as Indian mehndi design, Arabic mehndi design, Pakistani mehndi design etc. So check out my post on 7 Pakistani mehndi designs.
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7 pakistani mehndi designs

Pakistani mehndi designs are very popular. The specialities of Pakistani mehndi designs are their rich design and beautiful, bold patterns. Mehndi has been a part of Pakistani culture since long. Pakistani mehndi designs are combination of Indian & Arabic mehndi styles. Pakistani mehndi designs are simply amazing as well as graceful. No festive occasion is complete in Pakistan without mehndi. Pakistani mehndi designs are elaborate and intricate. Some common motifs used in Pakistani mehndi designs are flowers, leaves, peacocks etc. In this article, we have shared 7 Pakistani mehndi designs.

Pakistani mehndi designs are mostly very intricate. This is one of the Pakistani mehndi design. It is an elaborate work done on palm as well as back of the hands. Beautiful floral motifs and lots of lovely curls and swirls can be seen in this design. Two different shades of mehndi have been used here.

Pakistani mehndi design 1

Mehndi is a very essential part of Pakistani wedding. This is one of such bridal mehndi design. This is a beautiful intricate design and it looks stunning on brides. As you can see the color of the mehndi is red. Red Pakistani mehndi is very popular among brides and the reason is that it looks amazing with the entire wedding dress and jewelleries. This design consists of beautiful patterns and motifs.

Pakistani mehndi design 2

Here is another Pakistani mehndi design. It is a very stylish mehndi design, which is perfect for wedding ceremonies like sangeet. It consists of beautiful floral motifs and a few patterns. As can be seen, few colores have been used other than the mehndi itself and this has given it a fresh look.

Pakistani mehndi design 3

This is another Pakistani mehndi design that looks quite different from the above mentioned designs. Instead of complicate & intricate floral designs and swirls & curls, this design is made of some geometrical patterns and easy to draw floral designs.

Pakistani mehndi design 4

This Pakistani mehndi design is easy to make, but very beautiful to look at. This design is a combination of floral motifs, lines and few swirls & curls. The stones embellishments have given it a classy look.

Pakistani mehndi design 5

Mehndi is not only to beautify your hands, Pakistani girls apply mehndi on their feet too. Here is one such Pakistani mehndi design that looks super elegant on the feet. Beautiful golden flowers and leaf patterns look very stylish.

Pakistani mehndi design 6

This is another Pakistani mehndi design for feet. These designs are very popular among young girls. This design is a combination of flowers and leaf patterns, swirls and few dots. The use of glitters and colored crystals has given it a gorgeous look.

Pakistani mehndi design 7

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