7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know | Mascara Hacks for Flawless Eyelashes

7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know – Mascara lovers, listen up! Applying mascara daily can seem simple but do you know there is an art in doing so?? Today I thought of sharing some Mascara Hacks for Flawless Eyelashes that will make the mascara application easier. Eyes are very important features of our face. And I am a firm believer that few coats of mascara can totally change our look. Also, if you have followed my makeup tutorials, you already know that I never, ever skip mascara. Many of us face the problem of applying mascara. As often, the first eye looks perfect and then the second one, completely mismatched! If this is the case with you too, then these mascara tips will make your life easy for sure. So, let’s quickly check out this 7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know.

7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know, Mascara Hacks, Mascara Tips

7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know

1. Bend the Brush

Bend your mascara brush when its brand new. This is one of the amazing mascara tips that ensures that the mascara wand can reach those tiny lashes at the corner of the eyes. Also, vertical brush makes it difficult to apply mascara to the tiny eyelashes at the corner of our eyes. So when you bend it 90 degrees, it looks like the English alphabet “L” and then the application becomes hassle free. Just be gentle and don’t forget to bend it back after application.

2. Coat Both Sides of the Lashes

If you apply mascara only on the outer side of your lashes, you are doing half of the job. Always remember to coat both the sides of your eyelashes. If you want those ultra glam, super thick lashes,then first look down and coat both the sides of your lashes. Then look up and swipe the mascara brush upward from below.

Mascara Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know About, Mascara Hacks, Mascara Tips

3. Use Zigzag Motion

One of the best mascara tips to get insta-worthy eyelashes is to move the mascara brush in zigzag motion. The straight movement of mascara brush often causes the clumps on the tips of the eyelashes. So, always apply mascara in slow zigzag motion. This will also prevent your eyelashes from getting stuck to each other. Also, when you move the brush on the lash line in zigzag motion, it will give an illusion of a dense black eyeliner which will ofcourse enhance the beauty of your eyes.

4. Fan it Out

If you want to use mascara and still want a ‘no-mascara’ look, use a fan brush to apply mascara. Coat the fan brush with your mascara wand and then, use it to apply the color onto your lashes. This will give you the perfect no makeup look. This is one of my favourite mascara tips.

5. Guard Your Cheeks while Applying Mascara on Lower Lashes

This is another useful mascara tips. It is easy to apply mascara on the upper lashes, but the problem begins when we attempt to apply it onto our lower lashes. The mascara often spreads on the skin and ruin the face makeup. To avoid this, take a spoon, a business card or a tissue and place it under your lower lashes. This will cover the cheeks while you apply mascara onto the lower lashes.

Top Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know About, Mascara Hacks, Mascara Tips

6. Lubricate Your Lashes

When your eyelashes are lubricated, the mascara application becomes easier. So, if you are going to apply mascara in the morning, apply a pinch of vaseline onto your eyelashes the previous night. This will keep your lashes lubricated and give you hassle free application. This is one of the best mascara tips.

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7. Tips to Apply Colored Mascara

Colored mascara is the trend these days. People prefer wearing blue, pink, green, brown colored mascaras over the classic black one. And here is a simple tip to pull off the colored mascara look. First apply a coat of colored mascara and let it dry. Then, follow it up with a coat of black mascara and then, apply the colored mascara again. This will give you super glamorous eyelashes.

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These were my 7 Genius Mascara Tips Every Girl Should Know about. I hope you loved these Mascara Hacks for flawless eyelashes that I just shared with you girls. What’s your top tip of wearing mascara like a pro? Have more mascara tips? Share your mascara tips and hacks with us below in the comment box 🙂

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