7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have

7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have – Hello girls, how are you all doing? I hope you guys are enjoying the initial days of monsoon. Today’s post is dedicated to 7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have. How many of you are in love with shoes? Well, I am included in the list as well because I love wearing different types of shoes and especially it should suit well with the type of dress I am wearing. And next are the colors. Of course, the color of your footwear surely reflects your appearance and personality. Well, here we brought you a list of 7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have.

7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have

7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have

1. Black Boots :

Black Boots

Yes, black boots are one among the essential footwear that every woman must own. Black boots generally go well with all type of western clothes and also it helps to give you a chic look. Whether you prefer the normal black boots or you prefer the over knee style, black boots can always be your best style.

2. Black Pumps :

Black Pumps

After black boots, a black pump can be your basic and essential footwear every woman must have. A basic black pump or a suede color can be your ultimate choice and the best thing about black pumps is it can be pulled off easily.

3. Ankle Strap Sandals :

Ankle Strap Sandals

Another shoe that can be your ultimate choice is ankle strap sandals. A barely-there ankle-strap sandal goes with just about anything and lengthens your legs and creates an illusion of longer legs. Go with black or suede color ankle strap sandals.

4. Wooden Platform Sandals :

Wooden Platform Sandals

If you want to go for a simple city walk or probably on shopping, wooden platform sandals should be your choice because it carries a subtle look and also helps to give you an ultimate look. Wooden platform sandals work with all type of dresses.

5. Ballet Flats :

Ballet Flats

For those who don’t love to prefer heels every time, you should prefer wearing ballet flats. Ballets flats are one of your essentials needs and should be included in your wardrobe. From long night outs to a simple city walk, you should prefer wearing ballet flats.

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6. Animal Print Heels :

 Animal Print Heels

Now animal print is in trend and it should be included in the list of your essential footwear. Animal print heels look great and help to add an element of hotness and sensuousness to your personality. From leopard print to some neutral prints and mixtures, consider wearing them.

7. Metallic Heels :

Metallic Heels

Metallic heels are actually no brainer but still they look really good. If you love wearing pastel color shades, you should prefer wearing metallic heels because it compliments well with your dress.

 These are 7 Footwear that Every Woman Must Have. Which one among them you already own?

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