7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India

7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India – Scrubbing or exfoliation, whatever you may term it is indispensable. Because it removes the build-up of layers and layers of dead skin cells. The accumulation of which makes our lips look leathery and highly unprepossessing. Given that we load a number of chemicals on it on a day to day basis, it would be a foolish, asinine and futile idea to use a chemical-laden lip scrub so as to cleanse it. But do we have ample natural/safe chemical-free alternatives in our vicinity to nourish our lips sans pumping any deleterious chemicals? Of course, we do and here you with a list of those very lip scrubs available in India that won’t torment your lips most chemical-laden ones do. Let’s check 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India


7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India

1. Skincafe Lip Scrub

Skincafe lip scrub

Their is a brand that deserves the top slot when it comes to crafting nourishing, all-natural and decadent lip care treats. Adhering stringently to quality with an aim to earn the title of the go-to brand of their customers, SkinCafe based out of Mumbai as well as Pune- leaves no stone unturned to pamper you to the backbone! All lip balms/tints of theirs are all-natural, free from chemical preservatives and toxins and handmade with oodles of dedication. SkinCafe lip scrubs are the perfect tools for you to infuse pizzazz into your lips. SkinCafe lip scrubs is made with the highest quality of unrefined butters and USDA (US Department of Agriculture) certified essential oils. They roll their sleeves up to whip skin and lip treats. In my opinion, 3 lip scrubs have caught my eye. we listed this lip scrub as one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India. They are as follows-

a) Tiramisu Lip Scrub – If you love coffee, this lip scrub will have you as addicted to it as you are to a cup of the same. With a deeply invigorating aroma (not achieved via the addition of artificial ‘fragrance’) this scrubs gentle removes all the grunge and muck sans scratching your delicate pucker.

b) Lemon Meringue Lip Scrub – To those whose lips need a zing of energy every morning, Lemon Meringue Lip Scrub from the kitchen of SkinCafe has arrived. If you were anticipating your lips to sting for the name of the scrub contains ”lemon”, fret not for the way SkinCafe’s ingenious team has crafted. Lemon Meringue Lip Scrub will help your lips spring to life without feeling discomfited.

c) Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub – Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub one is a beauty- mark my words. Those battling pigmented lips, SkinCafe’s Cinnamon Roll Lip Scrub is to your rescue. Dedicate a fortnight to it and brace yourselves for lips that are unnaturally dark, will be bode adieu to.

Price – 1,000 INR for a special customized kit that has each of the aforementioned lip scrubs. You may get any scrub customized based on your lips’ condition by getting in touch with SkinCafe.

2. Neemli Naturals Lip Scrub

Neemli Naturals lip scrub

If you need wholesome care for yourself, look no further than the eclectic and tempting range of Neemli Naturals. Offering a decadent all-natural, vegan and toxin-free exfoliator, a deeply nourishing lip balm, soothing cold-pressed soaps which pamper without pumping chemicals into your skin, alluring skin serums and a lot more, Neemli Naturals lip scrub has something for everyone. Being cruelty-free, vegan and stringently against chemical preservatives are just other feathers in their cap. As per us it is one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

For such a prolific brand that is going great lengths to change the face of skin care in India, offering a lip scrub is tacit. Currently available in two variants- the green tea lip scrub as well as the coffee lips scrub my vote of approval goes to the latter for its aroma is unparalleled (those who prefer their coffee strong are in for a treat), exfoliation efficacious and price, pocket-friendly. Give it a shot for your lips deserve being pampered, don’t they?

Price – 250/-INR each

3. Organic Mill Lip Scrub

Organic Mill lip scrub

Hailing from namma Chennai and helmed by the obliging, ingenious and warm- Shreni Kashyeb, Organic Mill has a range that is worthy of being stashed in your shelves till eternity. They are conspicuously chemical-free, preservative-free, cruelty-free, artificial colorants-free, crafted using the finest raw ingredients sourced from places far and wide and priced reasonably. Who in their wildest dreams would turn a blind eye to all these factors?

Organic Mill Peppermint lip scrub gets my vote of approval. Priced reasonably, packed to perfection and infused with pure therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil (in an amount that your lips don’t get scalded for essential oils are highly concentrated liquids), it is in a league of its own. It is one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

Price – 175/- INR each

4. Aroma Essentials Lip Scrub

Aroma Essentials lip scrub

At the helm of affairs, if you would have a lady whose experience in chemical-free skin and hair care runs into decades, you are cock-sure that the products crafted would be spectacular. Madhurima Ramakrishna deserves a round of applause for managing to carve a niche for Aroma Essentials- her all natural brand within a year of entering into the space. A range that encompasses chemical-free and fragrance-free face washes, body butters, face creams/salves, lip balms/ChapSticks, under-eye creams/correctors, lip scrubs, foot soaks, dusting powder, face masks, cold-pressed soaps, hair butters, bath salts, hair masks, hair oil blend, and a lot more. Aroma Essentials deserves a second, more conscientious and prolonged look. Psssst… it is hard to not drool over their captivating range of products. What’s exciting is that Aroma Essentials has come up with a chemical-free kohl (kajal). Toss all your chemical-laden eye products into the trash!

Aroma Essentials orange cinnamon lip scrubs gets a thumbs up from me for it is all-natural, free from artificial fragrance (under the garb of which many chemicals are added), priced reasonably, soothing aroma and efficacious when it comes to negating pigmentation. They also craft one in coffee flavor which is all the more easy on pockets (priced at 100/- INR per tub/pot). Choose the one that caters to your lips and pockets for once you turn to Aroma Essentials, the hedonist in you will awaken. It is one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

Price – 200/-INR for an orange-cinnamon lip scrub. 100/- INR for a coffee lip scrub.

5. The Nature’s Co Lip Scrub

The Nature's Co lip scrub

Certified vegan by PETA (People for The Ethical treatment of animals), The Nature’s Co- based out of the Financial Capital of India- Mumbai has a lip scrub so inimitable that it instantaneously captures your attention. Nature’s Co lip scrub comes in a flavour that I am yet to come across in India so far- the lychee lip scrub. With an aroma so natural and strongly reminiscent of freshly plucked lychees, a texture so gentle that the most delicate of lips wouldn’t bleed and infused with intensely hydrating oils that quench your lips’ thirst for moisturisation, The Nature’s Co Lychee lip scrub is certainly different. Thankfully, it is pleasantly different.

Crafted without infusing pernicious chemicals that do more harm than good in the long run in addition to being vegan (vegan and vegetarian differ). Please do not use the two terms synonymously. This brand from the City of Dreams is leaving no stone unturned to get in your list of favourite brands. It is one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

Price – 595/- INR per pot/tub

6. Sugar My Love Lip Scrub

Sugar My Love lip scrub

Call it Himra Minhaj’s ingenious streak or predilection for chemical-free skin, hair and body products that she established Sugar My Love-her handcrafted beauty brand. Based out of Chennai and shipping all over India, this upcoming brand has an assortment of products to pamper you, thus awakening the sybarite in you. From decadent body scrubs to deeply nourishing face masks, from cold-pressed soaps to soothing gels, she even customizes skin, body and hair products if you touch base with her. This lovely lady who was driven by the urge to unleash her entrepreneurial energy since the beginning began Sugar My Love’s pilot run when in college. As her brand gained acceptance amongst her peers, she realized that Sugar My Love was destined for more. So was she!

Presently, offering a lip scrub in rose & cinnamon lip scrub that adds nothing nasty or remotely deleterious. You need to give a shot to the same. If you wish to exfoliate your lips gently sans peeling off the delicate layer of skin on your lips. It is our one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

Price – 250/- INR each

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7. Lush Lip Scrub

Lush lip scrub

And here comes the brand that needs no introduction! Based out of the United States of America, Lush claims that Lush lip scrubs keep your lips soft throughout the day. Lush lip scrubs are sweet, hydrating and delectable (for those of you who couldn’t resist themselves from tasting it). Available in a handful of flavours at present namely- sugar plum fairy, santa baby, popcorn, bubblegum and mint julips, Lush boasts of fighting against animal testing, using the freshest ingredients, ethical in its practices, being 100% vegetarian and handmade. It is one of 7 Best Natural Lip Scrubs in India.

Price – 5k INR usually as is seen on Amazon India

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