7 Best Handmade Soaps in India

7 Best Handmade Soaps in India – If you thought slathering a chemical-laden store-bought commercial soap would work wonders for your skin, think again. Times have changed and not only do you have better, safer and more nourishing soaps at your disposal but also ones that are the above all in addition to being handmade/handcrafted. Did that get you by the edge of your seat? It should. Handcrafted using the traditional cold-pressed method which ensures that natural oils are retained as much as possible, opting for these soaps is a sure-shot way to pamper your skin with the best. A major plus point of all these soaps is that the brands that craft them are based out of India. Not only that, they price their soaps reasonably and in certain cases, can also customize them for you. Could it get any better? On that note, let us wallow in the 7 Best Handmade Soaps in India. Get your shopping list for you are going to add a few items by the end of this list for sure.

7 Best Handmade Soaps in India

7 Best Handmade Soaps in India

1. Aroma Essentials –

Aroma Essentials Soap

When an experienced and dedicated aesthetician whose experience runs in years rolls her sleeves up to craft hair, skin and body treats for you, you pay heed for the products that are churned are worth every penny you pay! That is exactly what Aroma Essentials– the brainchild of the warm and welcoming Madhurima Ramakrishna does. Based out of the Garden city of India aka Bangaluru, Aroma Essentials ships it’s all-natural/chemical-free products all over India and to a select few countries besides India. If you ever scroll down their Facebook page, their product’s catalogue will transfix you. With a wide variety of soaps that are available in myriad shapes, sizes, specific ingredients (that can be requested) and colours, you would be at a loss of words on seeing their eclectic range. Their Turmeric & Rose soap is in a league of its own for it blends two potent herbs- the anti-inflammatory turmeric and the riveting rose.

Price – 200/- INR

2. Ida Naturals –

Ida Naturals Soap

And this lady does it again- that was my reaction when I treated myself to Ida Nautrals’ luxurious and revitalising saponified soaps. Call it Priya Iyer’s (the face of Ida Naturals) knack for crafting the most unique blends of essential oils and butters (read: soaps) or ingenious streak that she comes up with the most unprecedented ideas when it comes to crafting skin treats, but turning a blind eye to Ida Naturals’ range is akin to doing grave injustice to your skin!

As if this wasn’t sufficient, Priya takes soap-making classes in Bangaluru too. Touch base with her if you want to set in motion the soap-maker in you. Two soaps from her range have caught my eye. One, the Hello Earth soap which is enriched with Kaolin Clay, infusions of Indigo, Spirulina, Turmeric and fragranced with revitalizing notes of Sweet Tangerine, Petitgrain and Grapefruit. Your bathroom will transform into a makeshift spa of sorts the moment this soap unleashes its subtle but uplifting aroma.

The other one is the Aishwarya soap. Never before had anyone tried using Holy Ash in a soap. Being a path-breaker besides a master artisan, Priya had to pick up the gauntlet. And the result? With aromatic notes of Holy Ash / Vibhuti / Bhasma / Sacred Ash ) combined with divine Camphor, Patchouli & activated charcoal, Aishwarya soap ensures that you are hooked on it for looooong. Since both the soaps fare wondrously, picking up one would be a Herculean task. As a result, I leave it up to you to zero in on one! In either case, you won’t be underwhelmed.

Price – Hello Earth soap- 240/- INR for 1 soap
Aishwarya soap – 220/- INR for 1 soap

3. Aadvik Foods –

Aadvik Foods Soap

Unique- that’s the word that bursts in one’s mind as they glance over Aadvik Foods’ Camel Milk soaps! Toss all those exorbitantly priced sulphate and paraben laden soaps of your shelves for an invigorating blend of camel milk and oils is coming your way. Aadvik Foods started its journey about 13-14 months back, and entered primarily with pure camel milk and subsequently added camel milk soaps, camel milk chocolates and camel milk powder in their products’ list. As a feather in their cap, they are the FIRST company in India to market and sell camel milk and its products at pan India level. If that’s not enough, they are planning to enter international markets also very soon.

Commendable moisturisation, tangible softness , mild aroma, crafted by saponification, handmade and priced reasonably. What else do you want in the form of a soap? Wondrous for dry parched skin which screams for attention every now and then, give this soap a fortnight to work its magic and brace yourself for your skin is going to get a boast of hydration. Presently available in four variants namely- rose, lemongrass, rosemary-peppermint and lavender-jojoba, each one is in a class of its own.

My vote of approval goes to the rose variant. Why? Its simple and sturdy packaging, sterling moisturisation (I have dry skin), mild aroma that is not achieved artificially via the addition of chemical fragrances/perfume and budget-friendly price stand out.

Price – 150/- INR

4. Cape of Good Soap –

Cape of Good Soap

And here comes from the City of Dreams, a brand whose name is bound to ginger you up- Cape of Good Soap. At the helm of affairs is Manisha whose knack of crafting decadent soaps will sweep you off your feet. At COGS (Cape of Good Soap), the guiding mantra is crystal clear- Nature is within us. While we get cradled by the nature surrounding us, we often forget that the perfect harmony is created when the nature within us & outside us coexist in its pristine balance. To create this Zen, it is imperative that we remain in complete connection with nature.

As a consequence, C.O.G.S. Soaps are enriched with products that are organic and so pure that they can be used safely on skin. Each soap bar is carefully handcrafted with ingredients ranging from natural farm produce to herbs handpicked from across the world. They proudly claim that you would notice a visible difference in your skin with everyday use and going by how their ‘Worth your salt’ fares, I cannot help but resonate the same. It is indeed worth what you pay. Glides effortlessly with an impressive composition and priced reasonably, I’d run short of words if I begin enumerating its virtues.

Price –220/- INR for (price varies as per the type of soap opted for)

5. Organic Mill –

Organic Mill Soap

With a view to wipe out chemicals off your shelf, Dishi Kumar Jain from Gurgaon erected her own line of all-natural skin, hair and body care products. Striking off every remotely pernicious chemical off the composition of her products, one cannot help but doff the hat at her in appreciation. Soaps sans any fancy appearance but nourishing content are what you would encounter if you check out her range of cold-pressed soaps either on Organic mill’s Facebook page or Instagram account. With merely 3-4 ingredients in each of her soap, you know that someone takes minimalism as well as simplicity with gravitas. Each soap is inimitable and priced reasonably. Does that mean you can splurge whole-heartedly? Yes, it does.

Price- 100/- INR

6. Jullaaha –

Jullaaha Soap

From the house of Cholayil- the family that pioneered Ayurvedic practice and crafted the go-to soap of a number of Indian families for years- Medimix, comes Jullaaha’s nasty-free Sandal and Saffron bathing bar. It needs no elaboration on how these two major components of this soap are your skin’s best friends. Not only that, with the virtues of vegetable glycerin (which this soap contains in abundance), olive oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil and grape seed oil, one is assured that their skin won’t be left vying for hydration post bathing. A mild aroma with ample natural ingredients, handcrafted using the traditional cold-pressed method, readily available at the click of a mouse/screen… this soap deserves a place on your shelf. Pssst… the presence of sandalwood makes it a good fit for those with oily skin while the abundance of oils it comes packed with, hit the right chords for those with dry skin. Isn’t that an inimitable combo?

Price – 399/- INR

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7. Raw Rituals –

Raw Rituals Soap

Based out of the Manchester of India- Ahmadabad, Raw Rituals is here to make its mark. Not only are their soaps handcrafted but every product from their range be it their lip butters or scrubs. Raw Rituals’ Green Tea Bathing bar deserves a special mention. Why? The green tea that they add in their soaps is organic and has a very high EGCG (antioxidant) and thus helps in cellular growth. It slows down the aging process, assists in getting rid of acne or dry, itchy skin as well as to protects one’s skin from sun damage. Lemon grass essential oil is an anti-depressant, antibacterial, antiseptic in addition to possessing a mood lifting aroma.

Price- 100/- INR

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  1. Very useful list ..will check out these brands 🙂

  2. Priyanka Awasthi

    Thanks for the blog..really helpful.please suggest me handmade soap online India

  3. This is an amazing list. Some of the brands are new to me. However, just to add to the list, you could include Soulflower and La Tierra.
    I love products from La Tierra, they are made using natural ingredients and are free from parabens and sulfates.

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