7 Best Budget-Friendly Lip Balms in India

7 Best Budget-Friendly Lip Balms in India – Whatever be your age, gender or the season, a lip balm is a necessity. Period. Who’d like to flaunt chapped lips that look as if not only moisture but also the life has been snuffed out of them? While markets are flooded with lip balm today in a wide array of flavors, shapes, sizes, price ranges and composition, yet we cannot and shouldn’t turn a blind eye to their price (of course, composition remains the top priority). Packed with oodles of nourishment to resuscitate life in your pucker so that the next time you smile/laugh, you wouldn’t have to bear the brunt of blood oozing out of your life, here is a brief rundown of those 7 Best Budget-Friendly Lip Balms in India that deserve being in your shopping carts. Disport yourselves in them and add as many as you wish to, to your shopping list for they do not burn a hole in your pocket!

7 Best Budget-Friendly Lip Balms in India

7 Best Budget-Friendly Lip Balms in India

1. Skinsense-natural luxury lip balm –

Skinsense-natural luxury lip balm

Presently ruling the roost in both skin as well as body care with an eye to venture into hair care, Rashmi Prithviraj makes sure that she scores the highest on customer satisfaction. How? Go through any of her products and not only will the all-natural composition fascinate you but also, Rashmi’s zeal to help you out with products that would be ideal for your skin type.

Skinsense Natural Luxury– her novel brand boasts of handcrafted lip butters that are at present available in three flavors- mint, lemon and orange. The best part is that your pockets won’t feel lighter after zeroing in on one! Go for any of the variants and try to resist yourself from coming back to Skinsense. That’s a challenge!

Price – 150/- INR for each flavour
Contact – Facebook/Email Rashmi at [email protected]

2. Amara Organix Lip balm –

Amara Organix Lip balm

The lady who donned multiple hats effortlessly- Mrs. Mehar Farhana, from Chennai has to be thanked from the bottom of our hearts from erecting her tempting range of all-natural products. To say that her lip balms (now available in twisty tubes/stick form) impart a winsome hue to one’s lips that one just cannot turn a blind eye to, will be an understatement. With unrefined Shea butter and essential oils in galore in her lip balms- that are available in five flavors as of now (raspberry, chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon and orange), you can kiss adieu to chapped lips conveniently.

Price – 150/- INR for each variant

3. Last Forest Lip Balm –

Last Forest Lip Balm

Hand made by the dedicated women of indigenous communities/tribes of the Nilgiris, Last Forest blends ethicality with quality. Their lip balms contain pure beeswax collected from the forests by the same groups. As a feather in their cap, they are a World Fair Trade Organisation certified entity with a keen eye to leave a social impact. Minimalism is what they strive for and going by the efficacy of their lip balm, which are presently available in six flavors- pineapple, vanilla, mint, honey, strawberry and orange, one has to say that this noble enterprise is going to go a long way in its endeavor. Your pockets won’t feel lighter post splurging on their lip balms. As far as your lips are concerned, bid farewell to dryness for each and every ingredient added in their lip balms ensures that you won’t have to turn to anything else after using them. A special mention goes to Last Forest’s Pineapple Lip balm which has a distinct aroma (again not artificial) and commendable staying power.

Price – 90/- INR each irrespective of the flavour (subject to change)

4. Stay Wild Child –

Call it being ethical in one’s practices or simply desirous of becoming your go-to brand for every beauty woe, one would run out of reasons when expatiating on why Stay Wild Child is different from others. Not only is the composition of each of their products toxin-free but also capable of arousing the shopaholic in you without turning you insolvent!
Presently available in three distinct flavors- mandarin, vanilla and rose, each one takes care of not only your lips without imbuing chemicals in it but also your pocket. Splurge for you can go for all the three variants and still, not be left cursing yourself for letting the shopaholic in you take the better of you.

Price – 60/- INR each

5. Jullaaha Lip Balm –

Jullaaha Lip Balm

This is a serious call for action for all your high-end chemical-laden lipsticks and lip balms/tints! Jullaaha, based out of Chennai and spearheaded by the lovely Jayadevi Cholayil is not just a skin/hair care brand but also a spectacular clothing line that brings forth the awe-inspiring blend of traditional and contemporary designs. The lady behind this eclectic brand has been a force to reckon with in the arena of fashion. Having designed apparel for various clients abroad in USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Ms. Jayadevi Cholayil has also weaved her magic for Mundhinam Paarthene, a Tamil movie.

Coming to her skin care range, Jullaaha offers a lip balm that has a tint which will compel you to ditch all your noxious chemical-laden lip balms and even lipsticks off the shelf! Jullaaha’s natural lip balm is extracted from nourishing natural ingredients such as –beetroot (which lends it a sultry red hue) oils, glycerin (both of which work to hydrate your pucker) and a number of other such wondrous ingredients. It is free from parabens, silicones and alcohol, so you are at ease while slathering it on your lips. The Lip balm base contains Vegetable oils (Wheat germ oil, Castor oil and Coconut oil), Carnauba wax, Candelilla wax and Safe synthetics.

Psst… By using Alkanna root extract, red beet root extract and Annato seed oil extract and approved colour, a delightful red tint is imparted to your lips that you just cannot stop drooling over. Edible Strawberry flavour is used to impart the aroma in the Lip balm. Packed in a simple handy tub/pot, it keeps both your lips and pockets blissful. How? Scroll down to check out its price.

Price – 150/- INR

6. Aroma Essentials Lip Balm –

Aroma Essentials Lip Balm

You have to give it up for Madhurima Ramakrishna- the brand owner of Aroma Essentials for not only do her all-natural and chemical-free products speak volumes for themselves but also her frequent donations to charities courtesy the sale proceeds of her brand. While everyone can be found singing paeans of her products which by the virtue of their efficacy seem high-end, very few know that Aroma Essentials is as active in supporting NGOs as it is in crafting skin treats that one drools over.

Available both in tub forms as well as stick ones, the lip balms and Chapsticks from Aroma Essentials glide like butter on your lips. Coming to butters, they are packed with unrefined ones (which retain all their goodness and nutrition) and the aroma is so enchanting that you would find it a Herculean task to close the tub/stick after feasting your olfactory senses to it.

Price – 175/- INR for each lip butter
250/- INR for each Chapstick

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7. Raw Rituals Lip Balm –

Raw Rituals Lip Balm

From deep cleansing scrubs to radiance-eliciting face masks/packs, from soul-stirringly aromatic skin serums to luxurious body butters, Raw Rituals has a whole range to get you intrigued. Every process is done via hands be it whipping or packaging. Their lip butters, by the virtue of being tint-less make them ideal for men. All-natural and priced reasonably, their lip balms come packed in twisty tubes. Carrying them while commuting just became a piece of cake, didn’t it? Give a shot to one of their variants and flaunt a moisturized pucker soon.

Price – 150/- INR

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