7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas

7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas– Hi BHB Beauties! Today I will talk about 7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas. So, what are you all busy with these days and what is bothering or pissing off you all? If you talk about me there is number of things which pisses me off but one of the one which is top of my list is my facebook feeds. Here I am not yet married and very happily single but all I can see is that people in my facebook are either getting married or going to honeymoon or doing such stuff. It is bothering me a lot these days. And when you are done with this then you see those really gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful pics of the brides and their lehengas. And of course we girls we end up concentrating much more on lehengas than on the bride herself. But I am amazed to notice that earlier bridal lehengas only sticked to golden, red and maroon but today you can play around with so many amazing color options and look equally chic. And don’t worry they also give amazingly traditional feel rather than the modern look. so, let’ have a look at 7 amazing color options for wedding lehengas.

7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas

7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas

Orange Color Wedding Lehenga

orange color wedding lehenga

Let’s begin with the closest color of the bridal red. It is the same color of the red family but a bit lighter. But orange is equally bright as red. And the bonus with orange is that it has a youth factor to it as opposed to red color. It looks very chirpy and youthful. Also, if you go with a orange lehengas and golden choli then you are bound to turn heads at your wedding.

Grey Color Wedding Lehenga

Grey Color Wedding Lehenga

Now, you all might think that grey looks such a boring and dull color. How can anyone wear it at weddings. But yes, you can. You need to pair it up well, grey is a neutral color so over working and stuff goes very well with grey. You can add too much of work with grey lehengas and pair it with any bright colored choli and you are good to go.

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Strawberry Color Wedding Lehenga

strawberry color wedding lehenga

Strawberry is such a young shade. And if you wear wedding lehengas in strawberry color they look so breathtakingly fresh and gorgeous. And if you really know how to pair this with your accessories, they look very sophisticated and classy.

Light blue Color Wedding Lehenga

light blue color wedding lehenga

If you are one of those cool brides and if it is a summer wedding, then this should be your first choice. And it looks really great if you pair it with metallic work.

Cream Color Wedding Lehenga

cream color wedding lehenga

Cream color is for all those brides who want to keep their wedding dress simple yet classy. And cream color does not mean looking boring. With this light colors the option is that you can do heavy work and still wear it around. Haven’t you seen Bipasha Basu’s reception dress?

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Green Color Wedding Lehenga

Green Color Wedding Lehenga

Green color is another hit wedding lehengas option. Yes, I know it might look a bit heavy but pair it with some light colored choli and you will love the look. And still if you feel it is heavy then go for the light green color than the darker one.

Royal Blue Color Wedding Lehenga

Royal Blue Color Wedding Lehenga

Royal blue is one of my favorite wedding lehengas color. It looks very royal and chic. And it looks too gorgeous with golden work. You can wear a plain or any light colored choli and go with the heavily work lehenga at the bottom.

So, these were 7 Amazing Color Options for Wedding Lehengas. hope all the newbie brides would love them.

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  1. Amazing post with great images…..Lehenga is one of the most popular wedding attires…But it is necessary to select a lehenga with great care so that it perfectly suits the wearer…

  2. Wow..Strawberry Color Wedding Lehenga looks so classy & gorgeous 🙂

  3. OMG. Loved all of them so much. But grey color lehenga I love the most.

  4. My favourite one is royal blue. I will try it on my wedding in future 😉

  5. Rashmita Rakshit

    Truly amazing 🙂 Tough to pick one….

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