6 Food Tips for Acne

No no no not again, yeah this is what I scream when I see a pimple on my face. Don’t you guys get worried like me? I hate these pimples, they come, they go, they stay, they burst. I keep on trying different creams and oil, some work, some give me breakouts. One day I was travelling in metro and I found a lady, she was a dietician and she told me about various food especially some effective food for acne prone skin. You may find many articles relating what one should not eat to avoid acne. But I thought why not help you to find some food which actually helps us to stay away from pimples. Let us have a look over 6 Food Tips for Acne.

6 Food Tips For Acne

Fish or Flaxseed among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, fish and flax seed

Fish is the most valuable agent for the treatment for acne. Fish have fatty acids which control the breakouts. These fatty acids provide all important oils to our skin and nourish them internally. You can add flax seeds in your food or might be walnuts in the place of fish. Non vegetarian people should add fish weekly in their diet so they have least problems for acne. Fish contains omega-6 which removes inflammation.

Green tea among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, green tea

Green tea is a magical tea for every skin and health problems. Green tea has EGCG (a strong anti oxidant). It removes the acne in 7 weeks. Green tea has like bunch of qualities, if you want to describe it you have to think where to start and where to end. Green tea is also a toxin remover agent; it removes all the dangerous toxin from our body and gives beautiful skin.

Carrots among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, carrot

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A so that it provides retinol to our skin. Acne can cause due to lack of vitamins also. So the carrots are helpful in this problem and it fulfills all the requirements of our skin. Carrots should be eaten daily for goodness of our skin because our body is unable to make vitamins by its own, so we have to consume it externally.


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Strawberry among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, strawberry

Strawberries are the popular agent for acne. It is rich in Vitamin C?and Salicylic acid. This nutrition is best for the vanishing of acne. It is like the best fighting agent for acne. Strawberry is everyone’s favorite. It is a?beautiful fruit and it makes your skin beautiful and healthy.

Cucumber among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, cucumber

Cucumber is the most important ingredient to avoid acne problems. It contains lots of water that?enriches your skin. It refreshes your skin and fulfills the requirement of water. Water is the most important thing for our body and skin. Lack of water makes our skin dull and ruin our glow. So eat cucumber daily and get the best results for acne.

Whole Grains among 6 Food Tips for Acne

6 Food Tips For Acne, whole grains

Fiber is the working engine in acne problem. It provides all the protein and fats which our skin requires. Whole grains contain celium. They have all type of improving agent for our skin. So if you have acne problem you should eat whole grains daily.

I really hope that you will find this post helpful, because I know I have experienced acne problem in past, I know how it feels. And trust me if you start following these 6 Food Tips for Acne?on regular basis, you will definitely be able to stay away from acne.

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  1. Green tea is perfect for acne 🙂 – personal experience

  2. Great tips….Must try for acne tortured souls…

  3. even i am suddenly getting breakouts, let me try these 🙂

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