6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know

6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know – Hello ladies, how are you all? On my side, I am pretty excited for the monsoon season to arrive because this is my favourite season. And not only me but everyone around is praying for the monsoons to arrive soon because the temperature is soaring day by day and it is still so hot around. Well, coming back to today’s topic, it is about 6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know. Do you love wearing eyeshadow? Well, every one of us does that because it helps to enhance our face and make your eye look beautiful at the same time. But applying eye shadow requires few tricks and tips and especially if you are a makeup beginner. Check out 6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know.

6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know

6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know

1. Use Eyeshadow according to your Eye Shape

I was totally unaware about this tip and thanks to this article that I came to know about this trick to rocking the eye shadow easily. Generally, the shape of your eye decided how you should be using the eye shadow. There are different eye shapes like – mono lids, double lids, almond eyes, upturned, deep set etc. So your eye is the parameter to decide the eye shadow.

2. Use Eyeshadow Brush

Use Eyeshadow Brush

If you are still not using this, then you should start using now. Start using the eyeshadow brush to apply eye shadow because it makes your eye look good and also the application is precise after application. There is a different type of eye shadow brushes available in the market. You should be using the one which suits your art of applying eye shadow.

3. Eyeshadow formula

Start with powdery eyeshadow

You surely cannot afford to forget this new eye shadow formula. For instance – use the creamy ones as the base color or as single strong opaque finish eye shadow. But the thing is applying creamy eye shadows take a little effort and are also tricky than the powder one. You should opt to master the powder. And then slowly proceed to try the creamy base. Applying eye shadow is easy but it needs a little practice and patience.

4. Use of Primer

Use eyeshadow primer

You should never think of skipping primer. Because they are the essential part of using eye shadow correctly. Primer helps to prep your eye shadow and also helps to enhance your eye. But the most important part is you should be using a good quality of primer every time.

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5. Apply White Liner

Apply white liner

Another most important trick to rocking the eye shadow is you should be using white liner properly. Using white liner helps to create a base to your eye shadow and also allow your eye shadow to go longer.

6. Use Mixing Colors

Use mixing colors

Now, this is a bit tricky. But when you start using eye shadows, you would learn how to mix the different color and blend them properly. You should be using lighter shades in certain specified areas and the darker near the edges which make your eyes look good and fantastic.

Here I have discussed about 6 Eyeshadow Basics Makeup Beginner Needs to Know. Hope you find this post helpful.

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