6 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Summer is a great time for hitting beach or probably throwing a pool party. But for your hair? Well not so much. Nothing feels as uncomfortable in summer than hair all over the place!! Summer is a pretty challenging time when it comes to hairstyle. We girls either chop off our hair or pull it up in a messy bun or ponytail. But how many times can we repeat these same hairstyles? So here I will tell you about 6 Easy Summer Hairstyles that will make your life easier. See, we all live a super busy life today and simply can not afford hours to sit in front of the mirror and style our hair. These 6 Easy Summer Hairstyles will save you a whole lot of trouble!! Summer hairstyles should be fun, unique and cute and something that will get your hair off the face and out of the way. Keeping all these in mind, I have compiled a list of 6 Easy Summer Hairstyles. Check them out!

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles

Easy Summer Hairstyle #1 – Ballerina Bun

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - ballerina bun

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This is one of the best hairstyle to beat the summer heat. Its quick, its classic and for most of us, it’s our go-to hairstyle in summer. Brush your hair and then flip them over. Gather all your hair into a high pony and secure with a elastic. Next comb the ponytail well, so that there is no tangle. Apply some mousse to the lengths of the ponytail for better hold and smooth the flyways. Now twist your hair and wrap around the base to create the donut shape. Secure with bobby pins.

Easy Summer Hairstyles  #2 – Twisted Bun

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - twisted bun

This is one of the ‘stay cool’ hairstyle for summer. On either side of the head, roll back the strands and keep on adding more hair as you work your way backwards. Wrap both the twists into a messy bun on the back of your head and secure with bobby pins and elastic. This is casual hairstyle and not meant for any formal event.

Easy Summer Hairstyles #3 – Braid Wrap Pony

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - braid wrap pony

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Who doesn’t love a ponytail! So why not add a braided twist and make your everyday ponytail look little more stylish. Take a section of hair from the left side of your head and make a braid. Tie a ponytail with the rest of the hair. Now carefully wrap the braid on the ponytail. Style it up with some cool hair accessories.

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Easy Summer Hairstyles #4 – Double Boho Braid

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - Double boho braid

[Photo source : self.com]

Divide your hair into two sections. Create braids on either side. Join the braids together and make a bun. Its a easy breezy summer hairstyle that will take no more than 5 minutes and will give you a cute look at the same time.

Easy Summer Hairstyles #5 – Upside Down French Braid Bun

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - upside down french braid bun

[Photo source : cutegirlshairstyles.com]

Flip your head over and brush your hair properly so that there is no tangle. While your hair is upside down, grab a small section of hair from the nape of your neck and make a french braid. Continue the french braid until you reach two-thirds of the way up your head. Secure the end with an elastic. Now flip over and and make a high pony. Next twist the hair and wrap around the base to create the bun. This looks quite stylish, no?

Easy Summer Hairstyles #6 – Side Braid and Side Pony

6 Easy Summer Hairstyles - side ponytail and side braids

Side braids and Side pony is among the easiest hairstyle for summer. To create a side braid, first brush your hair thoroughly. Part your hair and then gather all the hair to one side. Split the hair into three sections and finally starting underneath your ear, braid as you normally do. Secure the end with an elastic.

For side pony, simply brush your hair and pull it to one side. You may leave a few strands to fall on the opposite side of the pony. Get an elastic to make the ponytail. Apply some hairspray for better hold.

So girls, these are 6 Easy Summer Hairstyles for you. Hope fully you have liked them and will try a few of these summer hairstyles. Don’t forget to share your views with us 🙂

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