6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair – This is answer for how to get healthy and beautiful hair. Ayurvedic herbs have been traditionally used to nourish the hair and scalp and get healthy and beautiful hair. Hair problem is one of the most challenging situations that all of us face at some point of our lives. There are many cosmetic treatments and medications available these days to treat hair problems. But most of them come with several side effects. And that’s why, more and more people are relying on Ayurvedic treatments for healthy and gorgeous hair. Ayurvedic treatments use all the natural ingredients, which are basically the Ayurvedic herbs to repair damaged hair and scalp. These herbs strengthen the hair roots, stop hair fall and thicken our hair. So, lets check out the 6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair.

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair, Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair

Amla for Healthy Hair

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is probably the most popular Ayurvedic herb that is used since long to nourish and revitalize damaged hair. It is a rich source of vitamin C. Also amla has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti microbial properties. Amla strengthens hair follicles, nourishes the hair and encourages hair growth. This Ayurvedic herb is also very helpful to prevent dandruff, split ends, hair fall and graying of hair. It not only makes hair thicker, but also darker. You can mix amla juice with coconut oil and massage it on the scalp to get rid of stubborn dandruff.

Bhringaraj for Strong and Beautiful Hair

Bhringaraj means the ‘king of herbs’. This herb works wonders to reverse baldness. It not only prevents hair loss, but also helps to get rid of premature graying. Bhringaraj can be used as an oil or in powder form. You can mix 5-6 tbsp of dried bhringaraj leaves with water to make a thick paste and apply it on the hair and scalp. Wait for 20 minutes and wash it off with shampoo.

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy & Beautiful Hair, Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair

Neem for Healthy and Bouncy Hair

We all know that neem is a magical herb for our skin. But it also works wonderfully for our hair. There is probably no hair and scalp related problem that neem cannot solve. Neem has excellent antifungal properties that helps t get rid of head lice and dandruff. This Ayurvedic herb also has blood purifying properties. Neem stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss as well as premature graying. You can mix neem oil with any other carrier oil and massage it on the scalp and hair. This is a great remedy to encourage hair growth.

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Shikakai for Long, Strong and Beautiful Hair

Talking about the best Ayurvedic herbs for hair and leaving out Shikakai is not possible. Shikakai is known as the ‘fruit for hair’. It is rich in Vitamin A, C, K and D. Shikakai is used as a natural hair cleanser. Shikakai based shampoos are mild in nature and doesn’t stip hair off its natural oils. It is also a great natural cleanser for our hair that removes dryness and gives a shiny look to the hair. The antioxidant properties of shikakai promotes hair growth. It helps to get rid of dandruff, itchy scalp, head lice and other types of scalp and hair infection. Shikakai prevents split ends and makes the hair grow longer and thicker.

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy Hair, Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair

Reetha for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Another amazing Ayurvedic herb for our hair is reetha or soap-nut. Reetha is an excellent natural cleanser as well as conditioner for the hair. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Reetha not only controls hair fall effectively, but it also enhances the overall beauty of the hair by making it look shiny, thick and bouncy.

Brahmi for Thick and Beautiful Hair

Brahmi is one such Ayurvedic herb that can make all your ‘hair dreams’ come true! It nourishes and strengthens hair root and make hair long, strong, thick and healthy. It reduces dandruff and prevents itchy scalp and is very helpful to treat split ends. Brahmi can be used in powder form for hair care. You can get brahmi powder in the market. Brahmi powder can be mixed with tulsi, amla and neem powder to prepare a hair pack to nourish scalp and hair.

6 Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Beautiful Hair, Ayurvedic Herbs for Hair

So, these were some of the Best Ayurvedic Herbs for Healthy and Beautiful Hair. Do you use Ayurveda for your hair? Share your hair care secret with me in the comment section below 🙂

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