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6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain – Epilators are painful and many of us avoid them. But that’s not true. How?? Read this post where I explain 6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain. Epilators are the fastest way to get rid of unwanted body hair. In fact, epilators pluck hairs from the root through the rotation of the tweezers. There’s no denying that it’s going to hurt a bit! Many of us use epilators for the first time and then put it back to the shelf forever due to the pain. But epilators can give us soft, hair free skin for the longest time in comparison with the other methods. For me, it’s like a month almost, which is impressive! So if you can overlook the pain for the benefits it offers, check out my 6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain.

6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain, Epilator Tips & Tricks

6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain

1. Exfoliate before Using Epilators

This is one of the most important Epilator tips & tricks that we all need to remember. When you exfoliate the skin, it removes the accumulation of dead skin cells. This minimizes the chance of ingrown hairs. I would suggest to start daily exfoliation few days prior to epilating by using exfoliating gloves. Then the morning you are going to epilate go for a thorough scrubbing. Proper exfoliation ensures that the skin stays free from excess oil, which means you experience lesser pain while epilating.

2. Use Wet and Dry Epilator

If you want to experience a pain free epilating session, then you must invest in an epilator with dry and wet settings. It is often suggested that epilating under shower feels less painful. If you want to use epilator on wet skin, take nice, warm shower. This will relax the skin and open the pores. This will also make the hairs easier to remove. Hence you will experience less pain while using epilators to get rid of unwanted body hairs. This is one of my must to do epilator tips.

6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain, Epilator Tips & Tricks

3. Choose an Epilator with High Numbers of Tweezers

Epilators pluck the hairs from the root with the help of tweezers. So, high number of tweezers mean less passes of epilator are needed to remove hair and you experience less pain. This is one of the best epilator tips to minimize pain while removing body hair.

4. Hold the Skin Tight

One of the most effective epilator tips for a pain free epilating session is to hold the skin tight while you use the epilator on the skin. When you hold the skin tight, it makes the hair roots exposed to the tweezers. Thus, it becomes easier for the epilator to grab the hairs and also pull them out from the root. Stretching the skin may seem to be hard to do at first. But with practice, this will reduce the pain of epilating significantly.

6 Amazing Epilator Tips for Best Results & Less Pain, Epilator Tips & Tricks

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5. Use Slower Speed

Some epilators come with dual speed settings – slower and faster speed settings. The faster speed will give better result in less time. But if you feel its too painful, then, go for the slower speed setting. It would be one  great epilator tips to start with the slower speed and as you get comfortable, move on to the faster speed.

6. Use a Moisturizing Lotion

This is another very effective epilator tips that help to give relief from the after-pain. Use a moisturizing lotion that contains aloe vera or cocoa butter, on the area you have epilated. This will eliminate the redness of the skin and soothe the skin if its stinging badly. But don’t rub it on the skin, just dab it on gently. Rubbing could make it more painful.

The first time you epilate, it will hurt. But if you follow these 6 Amazing Epilator Tips properly, the pain will be bearable from second time onwards. After 3-4 sessions, you won’t even think about pain before grabbing an epilator and get rid of the unwanted body hair quickly. Do you use epilators? What’s you top tip for pain free epilating? Share with us in the comments section below. 🙂

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  1. I’ve been using an epilator for ages. Holding the skin tight makes a world of difference, it makes it easy for the tiny tweezers to grab the hair.

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