6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me

Hello girls! I love to share my posts with you lovely readers but sometimes it is really difficult for me to write frequently, but I always try to come up with some exclusive topics. Today I am going to tell you 6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me long before. Actually my mom didn’t teach me directly, she used to follow certain beauty hacks and I have learnt throughout all these years. So, I know some secret tips which she have always used to look beautiful. Beauty hacks are not rocket science they come up when you do experiments.

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me

I am always thankful to my mommy because she has not only supported me throughout my life but she taught me small things which always proved to be useful. Not only the life experiences but she shared some beauty hacks too with me and I am going to share them with you girls. Beauty is not makeup, so never ever compare them, because beauty comes from inside and makeup is something which we put on from outside. I have arranged all the skin, hair and makeup tips which is given by my mother. You may or may not have heard about these amazing beauty hacks, but let me assure you that all of them are experienced and proven. So let us start with 6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me.

Beauty Hacks #1 – Never Ever Go Bare Feet :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - use slippers

Yes my mother was very particular about this thing, from my childhood she was very strict about slippers, generally Indian family do not wear slippers inside their house. So girls if you are not wearing slippers all the times then you have to take a lot of care of your feet. So it is always better to take precaution. If you wear slippers you don’t have to go to parlors regularly for pedicure. It will not only save your time but money too. One more thing which I have noticed that if you inbuilt this habits then you will never have cracked feet. So girls, this may be one of the very simple beauty hacks but it is important.

Beauty Hacks #2 – Wash Your Face Before You Go to Bed :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - wash your face before sleeping

Again one of the very simple beauty hacks and it is not a very difficult thing to do. My mother always makes sure that I have washed my face well before I go to bed. It started when I was 14, and I had some acne issue during my teenage days. Guys you won’t believe me this worked like a miracle. I have super oily skin but I have never encountered a pimple after including this washing habit in my skin care regimen. What happens when you don’t clean your face at night? All the dirt goes into the pores overnight. It becomes worst if you have applied a night cream. So do remember we have to clean before applying night cream.

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Beauty Hacks #3 – Always Put a Scarf on Head When You are Out in the Sun :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - use scarf to protect hair while out in the sun

I belong to a broad minded Bengali family, we never had an issue over the clothes and all crap. We were free to follow our choice. So do not imply this with the “ghunghat” term. It is always better to hide your scalp and hair from direct sun. So you can use umbrella for that purpose, but girls these days there is so much pollution in the environment. I know a piece of cloth cannot protect your hair from harmful rays and chemicals and smog. But at least your hair will remain strong, free from dirt and healthy.

Beauty Hacks #4 – Rub Your Face with an Ice Bag before You Apply Makeup :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - apply ice on face

I have oily skin as I mentioned before, so my mother always told me to rub my face with a cube of ice wrapped in a tissue. It actually cleans the oily pores and gives your skin a matte effect. I don’t think it will work for dry skin, but if you have oily or normal to combination skin you can try this and let me tell you it works. It helps me to control oil secretion and makes my makeup last longer. Amazing beauty hacks, isn’t it?

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Beauty Hacks #5 – Use Butter for Your Lips before Makeup :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - apply butter on lips

I have dry and chapped lips, so I always rub butter cube on my lips and eat it too..lol. It helps me to soothe my chapped lips instantly, I know there are many lip butters available for this purpose but my mother don’t like chemicals and she taught me this. So when you are start applying your makeup just start with ice cube and butter cube.

Beauty Hacks #6 – Say Goodbye to Kajal Smudging :

6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me - say goodbye to kajal smudging

The ‘smudging’ was really not so much in when my mother was young. So one needed to be extra careful so that the kajal do not smudge. Do you know what my mother used to do? She used to sweep her eyelids with cotton bud dipped in ice chilled water. It soaks all the extra oil from your eye area and makes the kajal last long.

So girls, these were 6 Amazing Beauty Hacks Which My Mom Taught Me. I know you all have some secret beauty hacks, so do share at least one in the comment box.

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