5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Hey ladies, today I have come up with a hair care topic – 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth. Who doesn’t love long, silky and smooth hair!! But hair fall, dullness, dryness, dandruff and other hair related problems can stop our hair growth. We all can get beautiful, long and silky hair easily if we avoid some common mistakes. These mistakes are very common. If you want to look beautiful and flaunt your long, gorgeous hair so you must take enough care of your hair. And even after hair care, if you notice that hair growth has stopped, then check if you are taking any wrong step or not. Hair growth is the primary condition of healthy hair. So take a look at these 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth.

5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Hair Coloring among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Coloring our hair is very common. But hair coloring before right time is not good. Young girls are so influenced with hair coloring even school girls are coloring their hair these days. These hair colors are chemical laden and can damage your hair as well as your roots. This can stop hair growth, make hair dull and shine-less. If you want natural color so you can try natural ingredients for it like mehndi. But if your are not facing grey hair problem, then avoid hair coloring for proper hair growth.

Hair Brushing among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

We normally brush our hair three to four time per day. It increases the blood circulation in your roots, makes your hair smooth and tangle free. But over brushing is bad. Hair brushing is important but over brushing makes your roots weak and causes hair fall, which means no hair growth. Please avoid this over brushing otherwise you will face a big hair fall problem and then you have to consult your dermatologists. It stops your hair growth by making your roots weak.

Over Shampooing among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Over shampooing among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

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If you want good hair growth, avoid over shampooing. Anything in excess can stop our hair growth. Over shampooing can give a shiny hair for few days but constant use of shampoo makes your roots dry and dull. It can also lead to dandruff. Over shampooing damages your hair in many ways so you should avoid this, otherwise you might face hair growth issue.


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Avoiding Hair Oil 5 among Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Avoiding hair oil is very common among youngsters. No one wants chip chip in their hair. But the truth is that oil is the best way to provide deep nourishment to your hair roots. Oil massaging improves blood circulation, which promotes hair growth. Hair oil increases the level of keratin in your hair cells, so oil massaging helps to have long hair. Avoiding hair oil can stop your hair growth forever. Oil fulfills the requirement of your hair and provides protein which is important for long and healthy hair. It also prevent hair woes like grey hair and hair fall.

Heating among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

Heating among 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth

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Using hair styling tools can affect hair growth badly. Straightening and curling produce heat, which damages your hair and make them weak. Heating can results in dull, rough and dry hair. This is like a torture on your hair. You are stealing the natural shine from your hair when you are heating it. This is one of the most common factor behind facing the problem of hair growth. You can style your hair on special occasions, but don’t do it on daily basis as it will stop your hair growth.

So girls, these are the 5 Wrong Steps Which Stop Hair Growth. If you become a little more careful, you can easily these 5 steps and I promise you will never face any hair growth problems.

Stay Natural, Stay Beautiful 🙂

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