5 Tricks To Get Fairness Instantly

Fairness is a milestone which every beauty lover wants to accomplish. Almost every girl desires for atleast one shade lighter complexion. Although beauty and fairness are not synonyms yet somehow only fair skin is praised in our country. There are various beauty creams, skin whitening products and anti darkness face packs which claim to give fairer tone. Here are some quick fixes to get fair skin instantly.
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5 tricks to get fairness instantly

Everyone secretly desires for flawless skin and beautiful hair. It’s even better if our skin is fair and flawless. Today’s environmental pollution, dust etc is taking a toll in our skin and hiding our fairness. Our skin looks dull and totally lifeless. Now this is something absolutely not desired. Therefore, we all start looking for way outs to bring back our fairness. Most of such skin treatments are time consuming. And in today’s busy world, we rarely can invest a massive amount of time for our skin treatments. And more often than not, we lose patience. But worry not!! Here in this post we have shared 5 easy tricks to get fairness instantly. So read on.

Bleaching to get fairness instantly 

Bleach works on lightening the facial hair which in turn gives fairer look to the face. There are various brands selling bleach in the market made for specific skin types. Gold and diamond bleaches give glow to the skin and are perfect for that facial glow before any party while aloe vera and gel based bleaches which are meant for sensitive skin types. Some bleaches even revive dull and tired skin and remove stubborn tan in the long run.

  • If any particular brand of bleach suits your skin then do not keep switching in between brands too often. This keeps you skin safe.
  • Do not use bleach on problem skin with cuts, burns and rashes.
  • Always do the patch test before using the bleach product and follow every instruction mentioned on the pack.
  • Try finding bleach which contain a pre bleach cream and apply bleach over this cream to combat the harshness of the product.
  • Milk based bleaches work best in lightening the skin.
  • At home you can make your own bleach by mixing honey and lemon in equal quantities and apply as a face mask.

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Makeup to get fairness instantly 

This is another blessing for women who want to get fair skin instantly. Makeup camouflages the flaws of a woman from concealing the marks to uneven skin. In this part foundation and compact both have an important role to play and so make sure to pick the shades according to your skin type and complexion.

  • Start preparing your skin with a primer so that makeup does not come directly in contact with your skin.
  • Apply foundation whose shade is closest to your own complexion and finish off with one shade lighter compact for a fair look instantly.
  • Apply the same products on the neck as well so that the fair complexion looks natural.
  • For a compact choose a darker shade as per skin of your under eyes.
  • Foundation, BB cream or mousse should be of same tone as your complexion even one shade lighter can make you look ashy.
  • Instead of compact one can also use loose powder of a lighter shade.

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Whitening cream or Powder creams to get fairness instantly 

Powder creams soak the excess oil of the face and impart a brighter complexion while a whitening cream with a matte look gives a fairer look to the face. A whitening cream mentioned here does not mean the bleach based creams available in the market which claim to give fair complexion after continued use. They may be effective on many people but somehow they make the skin photosensitive and the skin tends to react much easily under the sun resulting sun spots and patchy complexion.

Peel off masks to get fairness instantly 

If professional peeling session has that budget constraint for you then a peel off mask at home is a quick remedy. Mostly high end drugstore brands sell peel off masks. Although in our country few peel off masks are available yet how can we forget our evergreen Everyuth Naturals Orange Peel Off Mask and Everyuth Golden Glow Peel off Mask. Very gently it peels off impurities as well as dead skin leaving behind a revived complexion.

  • Apply a generous layer of any peel off mask so that removal of the mask is easy.
  • Use a soft towel dipped in water. Squeeze off the excess and take the mask off to remove the peel off mask easily.
  • Combine peel off mask with a facial for a glowing and brighter complexion.

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Waxing and scrubbing to get fairness instantly 

Waxing removes not just unwanted hair but also dead skin and tan too. Although a painful process yet it removes tan on arms and legs with ease. Regular waxing sessions helps to keep skin free from tan and gives a revived complexion too.

  • Prefer hot wax to cold wax. Get waxing done by a professional or do it at home.
  • Make sure that the strips used at the parlor are new or unused as used ones may cause allergies.
  • A day before waxing scrub the places to be waxed to lessen the chances of ingrown hair. Also be regular with scrubbing the waxed skin altleast two times a week for a fair and smooth skin.
  • Treat the cuts or wounds of waxing if any from the first day itself using antiseptic creams to get rids of the marks.

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These were some instant tricks to get fair skin. Hope you like them 🙂

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