5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Kajal.. it has been ages that girls raving for black kohled eyes. Whether it is a simple kajal or winged lines, we girls die to have dark, stunning and appealing eyes. To get the smashing look all we need is to have perfect smoky of a kohl or kajal . I can say I am master in this; I can perfectly shape my eyes with a kajal in whichever way I want. But the problem is the spreading part. I know these days smudge free kajals are banging in the markets , but are they really smudge free, well honestly? I don’t feel so.

5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Kajal can change the whole look, in fact only kajal can complete your look. Even only few strokes of kajal make you style iconic, but within few hours, we look ghastly. These kajals never stay in their place. They all get spread, leaving dark spots near eye zone.

You know what, I feel looking like a panda, all my concealer hiding dark circle vanishes in seconds and my stunning black kohl eyes looks like ghost. I guess everyone is facing this problem. I have done many experiments, searched the internet, asked the experts and finally able to control this smudging/spreading part. Here I come with 5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading.

5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading 2

Tip 1 to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Keep your eyes oil free and sweat free, for this you can apply kajal after pating your lid dry with a cotton swab.?Use baby powder near your eyes to absorb the excess oil.?Try to avoid using kajal at the inner most corners of your eyes.

Tip 2 to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Avoid using greasy concealer, go for some matte solution.

Tip 3 to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Always keep some ear buds handy, they not only fixes the smudged kajal, but also helps you to remove excess oil from eye lids before applying kajal.

You may simply swab the excess oil with a damped ear bud, spray some baby powder and then apply kajal. It will last long.

5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading 1


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Tip 4 to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Always look for smudging proof formula. Water proof kajals are better than any other as they stay longer without smudging.

Now you may also find gel based kajal, those are not totally smudge proof but still better than the pencil ones.


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Tip 5 to Prevent Kajal from Spreading

Best way to prevent spreading?is pairing the kajal with the other eye makeup, like shadows can help you to hold the kajal at its place.

You can also pat some shadow near the water line to fix the kajal.

5 Tips to Prevent Kajal from Spreading 3

Applying kajal is no rocket science; it is simply an art which we girls can know perfectly. You just have to do it patiently and wisely, and trust me you will never end up looking like a panda. I hope that these tips will work for you all. See you all soon with some new tips.

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  1. Love your look in the 2nd pic. Pretty shade of lipstick.

  2. I use a smudge proof kajal, making sure that i apply it only after cleaning eyes. when it is oil and grease free.

  3. yeah that is the trick 🙂

  4. Good Post

  5. Usually i apply loose powder or compact under eyes and use a smudge free kajal always 🙂

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