5 Tips for Nail Growth

Hello ladies!!! Nails are one of the most important part of our overall beauty. A woman without shaped nails looks so awkward. Every woman should take care of their nails. But sometime you have a nail growth problem. Nail growth is natural but some people face less growth of nails. So my post is for those who have improper growth of nails. Here I have come up with 5 Tips for Nail Growth. These tips are for caring and increasing your nail growth. These 5 Tips for Nail Growth will help you to avoid those mistakes which make your nails brittle. Take a look!

5 Tips for Nail Growth

5 Tips for Nail Growth – Tip 1

5 Tips for Nail Growth, hand cream

The first and most important thing is to nourish your hands. After bath, nourish your hands with moisturizer. While washing dishes, always wear plastic gloves for the safety of your nails. Don’t use chemical soap for your hands, always use herbal soaps. Use hand creams for your hands.

5 Tips for Nail Growth – Tip 2

5 Tips for Nail Growth, beautiful nail

Avoid bad habits. If you have a habit of biting your nails, quit this. Chewing gums can help you to quit this habit of biting nails. Or apply lemon juice on your nails, in this way you never bite your nails.

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5 Tips for Nail Growth – Tip 3

5 Tips for Nail Growth, nail coat

To avoid brittle nails, always coat your nails with transparent nail polish always because it saves your nails from breaking easily.

5 Tips for Nail Growth – Tip 4

5 Tips for Nail Growth, proper diet

Choose proper diet, if you want long and strong nails. Add protein elements on your plate. Take nutritious juice and food. Eat protein capsules. Good diet helps you to give growth to your nails.

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5 Tips for Nail Growth – Tip 5

5 Tips for Nail Growth, nail shaping

File your nails with filer. Shaping is very necessary for the growth of your nails. But too much shaping can make your nails brittle. So don’t shape your nails too much. Just shape it 3 times in a month.

That’s all, ladies! I really hope that these tips help you to get nourished, strong and long shaped nails.

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